Exhaust Heat Wrap

Standard Fibreglass Exhaust Wrap

Choose our standard grade Kool Wrap fibreglass exhaust wraps when you want to insulate hot exhaust pipes up to 600°C. These wraps are perfect for reducing the surrounding temperature for motor bike exhausts, car extractors and exhaust systems, diesel heater exhaust pipes, marine exhaust systems and hot exhaust pipes on industrial or agricultural machinery. Choose from various finishes including Black, White or our Natural (Tan or caramelised colour). Our fibreglass wraps can handle continuous exposure to 540°C and intermittent exposure up to 980°C.

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Vermiculite Coated Fibreglass Exhaust Wrap

The Kool Wrap Vermiculite coated exhaust wraps have a higher temperature rating than standard fibreglass wraps. Commonly used on motorcycles, cars, industrial machinery or marine applications where a higher spec rated fibreglass wrap or lagging is required. Available in Black colour only. Our Vermiculite treated fibreglass wraps will handle continuous exposure of 650°C and intermittent exposure up to 1090°C.

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Titanium Basalt Fibre Exhaust Wrap

Kool Wrap manufacture professional grade Titanium Exhaust Wrap using ultra high temperature fibres made from volcanic rock. This is our premium exhaust insulation wrap tape. The Basalt rock is melted down in an industrial furnace and then extruded into very strong and temperature resistant fibres. These fibres are then woven into a 1.5mm tape that is ideal for wrapping high temperature exhaust pipes. Our Kool Wrap Titanium Exhaust Wrap not only look great with the gold/brown/titanium or carbon fibre like finish but will handle continuous exposure up to 980°C and intermittent exposure up to 1,150°C..

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High-Quality Header Heat Wrap/Exhaust Heat Wrap with Australia Wide Delivery

Want to boost horsepower and avoid expensive component damage? High-quality Kool Wrap exhaust wrap can reduce engine bay heat and prevent melted hoses and cables.

Header Wrap for Exhaust Pipes Protects your Engine

Hot engine exhaust pipes and manifolds can make things uncomfortable for both your engine bay and your passengers. Wrapping your hot exhaust pipes in Kool Wrap brand wraps can dramatically reduce engine bay heat and heat transferred through the floor of the car.

Need high-quality heat wrap for pipes?

We supply two specific types of header wrap to combat excessive engine bay heat.

Fiberglass Exhaust Wrap or Lagging

This high-performance exhaust pipe wrap is naturally heat-resistant. Kool Wrap fiberglass wrap and tape have a melting point of 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit (980 Celsius) and can safely handle 1,000 degrees F (537 C) continuous exposure.

Higher rated fibreglass wraps are coated with a heat resistant chemical called vermiculite. This raises the temperature resistance of Kool Wrap fibreglass wraps.

Titanium Basalt Exhaust Wrap

An incredible performer, our extreme exhaust pipe wrap is made from crushed basalt lava rock. 25% stronger than regular tapes, titanium exhaust wrap has an incredible melting point of 2500 degrees F (1370 C) and a continuous exposure tolerance of 1800 degrees F (980 C)

Applying exhaust tape can boost horsepower in two key ways. Firstly, by keeping the high exhaust gas temeratures inside the exhaust pipe, you maintain exhaust gas velocity and less exhaust gas remains in the combustion chamber. Secondly, Kool Wrap reduced under bonnet heat by up to 50%. This reduction in heat leads to a cooler intake charge, which improves oxygen flow through intake air, and leads to higher horsepower.

A safer, more efficient way to boost power.

Excessive exhaust pipe heat can be a safety risk to mechanics and anyone working nearby. Heat wrap not only boosts engine performance, it also protects workers from potentially serious burns.

Although the range was originally designed for performance cars (racing and high performance street cars), we are seeing more and more interest and sales from customers such as:

  • 4WD owners that experience excessive heat from the mufflers under the car.
  • Boat owners that have diesel engines in a hot engine room
  • Trucks and machinery operating in mines where they have to cover hot exhaust pipes to prevent the risk of gases being ignited by the red hot pipes.
  • Commercial and industrial applications where super hot piping can be a risk to workers.

Order your header heat wrap for pipes today

Kool Wrap provides professional advice on all of our premium heat protection products. Ensure you’re investing in quality exhaust heat wrap. Australia wide delivery is available for all Kool Wrap products.

Get Durable Exhaust Heat Insulation With Kool Wrap Exhaust Wrap

Diesel engines produce more than just raw power. They also emit harmful emissions, affecting human health and the environment if not properly insulated or cleaned up after use. To keep these problems at bay, it has become increasingly important for diesel drivers (and owners) alike to know how best to protect their cars from major issues by following all local regulations regarding exhaust system cleaning procedures.

Diesel engine technology is getting more and more advanced, but the need for durable exhaust insulation has never been greater. For on-road traffic, in particular, we need practical solutions that are safe for our customers’ equipment as well.

Wondering what can be the best solution?

Exhaust wrap is the perfect solution! This innovative product helps protect your exhaust from damage while reducing heat and noise. Plus, it looks great too! So if you’re looking for a way to keep your car running smoothly, be sure to check out exhaust wrap.

But what is an Exhaust wrap??

Exhaust wrap is a great way to keep your engine running cooler by protecting it from excessive heat. It’s made of a thermal insulating material that wraps around the exhaust pipe to prevent heat loss. This helps reduce underhood temperatures and can also make your car run more efficiently. Unlike regular tape, it’s made of special fibres which can withstand high levels of direct-contact heat while also insulating and “hiding” less than attractive-looking pipes underhood components typically come into contact with in an auto-tuned environment.

Exhaust heat wrap is one of the best ways to keep more heat in your exhaust system, especially when it comes to insulating the exhaust header and manifold pipes. It does this by encasing them with an insulation layer that prevents loss due to friction so you can breathe easier at higher speeds without having any worries about premature wear and tear on crucial components such as catalytic converters or mufflers.

Wondering where to find the Best Exhaust wraps to add a little extra horsepower to your car?

Look no further than Kool Wrap Exhaust Wrap in Australia to get the premium Exhaust Insulation. This essential accessory helps keep heat in your engine, providing a small boost in performance. Not only does it make your vehicle go faster, but it also looks great too – with a sleek black finish that complements any vehicle. So don’t wait any longer, order your exhaust wrap today.

Let’s talk about a few advantages of it so that you refuse to buy Kool Wrap Exhaust Wrap in Australia.

  1. The Exhaust wrap maintains hotter exhaust gases, increases exhaust scavenging, decreases the gas density, and exits exhaust gases faster from the header and exhaust system, which increases horsepower and fuel economy.
  2. Exhaust wrap also reduces radiant heat damage and can lower underhood temperatures.
  3. Exhaust Heat Wrap is asbestos free and is made from a base high-quality fibreglass yarn, and is non-combustible.
  4. It is also water and fungus-resistant.
  5. Easy to use.

Advantages of Adding Advanced Exhaust System to your Sports Car: Switch to our unbeatable Exhaust Wrap Now!

Are you not happy with the present horsepower and the torque of your sports car? If you want more speed and classic engine performance, which is more than what the manufacturers failed to offer you- upgrade the exhaust system for the optimum torque you aspire to enjoy!

We manufacture the No-1 Exhaust Heat Wrap Australia with the best tenacity, sturdiness and resistance to restrain heat.

Kool Wrap has a few tips to share where our customers can understand the advantages of improving the exhaust system in your sports car—

Replace the Factory Exhaust System

In most sports cars, it has been found that they are made with bulky exhaust systems from the factory. If you are not happy with the sound and want to improve the exhaust system’s performance, replace the whole thing with high-quality stainless steel or aluminised systems surrounded by the best exhaust wrap built by Kool Wrap. That has a growing hype in the markets.

Kool Wrap assures 100% reduction of underhood temperatures of your vehicle when running at a higher speed by installing our cutting-edge heat wrap on the exhaust.

Consider installing our best heat wrap for exhaust for eliminating exhaust scavenging. Our finest quality exhaust wraps are engineered to showcase the never before endurance from extreme heat.

Our Exhaust Pipe Wrap protects your vehicle’s underhood components by reducing heat exposure. It also increases the appearance of the bay or header pipe.

Witness Outstanding engine performance

Improving the engines is strongly advised to get the feel of driving a sports car. You can run the car at the exact speed with improved engine performance. If you want to get the feel of driving on the F1 tracks, installing advanced gas and air filters is suggested to keep the engines smooth and cool despite fitting Fiberglass Exhaust Wrap created by Kool Wrap.

However, ensure that you are aided with the best quality USMTS stepped header or the cylinder heads and exhaust header heat wrap. These are usually fixed by the remodelling builders of the air filtration systems, also known as the exhaust systems of the vehicles.

Being a sports bike connoisseur, switch to our specially designed Motorcycle exhaust wrap to increase the engines’ performance by lowering the oozing heat caused by higher racing speed.

Opt for sophisticated devices

It’s your sports car, not a truck. Thus, choose the add-on devices to improve the vehicle’s performance instead of making it robust. For example, replace the aggressive and bulky mufflers or silencers even if they are fitted from the factory.

You can place a sophisticated Muffler Heat Insulation from Kool Wrap to vent the combustion from the engine.

To keep your vehicle, whether a motorcycle or a sports car, in the best form, focusing on the exhaust heat wraps is necessary to allow the engines to breathe better!

These are some of the greatest advantages of improving the exhaust systems in sports vehicles by installing the exhaust heat wraps created by Kool Wrap.