Car Sound Deadener

The Kool Wrap Australian Made Resomat Heat Reflector and Sound Deadener reduces road resonance and dampens noise reflected from the road as well as acting as a heat shield for your car.

Kool Wrap Sound Deadener:

  • Controls car panel noise by adding mass to the thin exterior panels of cars, 4WD’s and Vans. This mass acts as a dampener to reduce resonance, drumming sounds and road noise for superior insulation, with improved comfort and audio performance.
  • Unlike similar looking sound deadners, Kool Wrap Sound Deadener is not bitumen or a butyl based product. These products can have offensive odours and loose performance quickly as it heats up. They can also harden and are very hard to remove.
  • Kool Wrap Resomat uses an Industrial grade self adhesive for easy DIY Fitment but can still be removed if required. This may be necessary when a vehicle needs repairs or modifications, ie body panel repairs or window glass or regulator.
  • Super flexible and easily moulded to the floor & panel shapes.
  • As used by  AUDI, BMW, Mercedes and many others… Indeed this product was specified in the USA presidential motorcade and the Queen’s vehicles.
  • No Smell! Unlike bitumens and many other underlays, there is no odor from the Kool Wrap Sound Deadener.
  • At around 2 mm thick & 3kg/m2,  Resomat is both thicker and more effective than other brands and at a better price.
  • Fully approved by the EU for fitment to motor vehicles, totally safe for vehicle interior use, allergy free!