Heat Sleeves Insulation

Heat Sleeves- Open Seam

The Kool Wrap open seam heat sleeves are ideal for protecting any hose cable or line where is would be too hard to slide a conventional sleeve over the hose. A good example could be an air conditioning pipe that could be too close to your extractors or exhaust pipes. You would not want to under the pipe and release the Freon gas inside. The Kool Wrap open seam sleeves consist of an inner layer of insulating fibreglass and an outer layer of reflecting aluminium foil. Simply cut to length and lie the sleeve along the pipe and roll the sleeve around the pipe and secure with either the adhesive seam or the Velcro seam.

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Heat Sleeve- Closed Seam

Our Kool Wrap Closed Seam Heat Sleeves are made from a heavy-duty layer of reflective aluminium laminated to a fibreglass inner insulating layer. This sleeve has a Kevlar stitched seamor we have a heavier seamless sleeve. Use the stitched seam sleeve when more flexibility is required. Can be cut to length with scissors.

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Kool Wrap Heat Sleeves are made from highly reflective aluminium foil lined with insulating fibreglass.

Choose from the closed seam sleeves which can simply slide over piping or hoses, or use our open seam sleeves to protect a hose that cannot be easily removed such as air conditioning lines

Kool Wrap Heat Sleeve is perfect to protect:

  • Fuel Lines
  • Brake Lines
  • Water and vacuum hoses
  • Air conditioning or power steering hoses
  • Wiring looms

Kool Wrap Heat Sleeve – The Best Way To Protect Your Wires And Hoses

The performance of your engine depends on the lifeblood flowing through it – gas and oil. If they’re not working correctly, you might experience vapour lock or cavitation (which can lead to an expensive repair. Plus, there could be dangerous wiring issues that need addressing right away. Installing Heat Sleeves can help protect these fluids from high temperatures while retaining fluid pressure, so everything works smoothly all day long.

What is a Heat Sleeve?

These high-temperature heat sleeves are perfect for shielding wires and hoses from excessive heat. They’re made of durable materials that can withstand high temperatures, and they’re easy to install. Plus, they’re a great way to add some extra protection against fire and other hazards.

Heat shield sleeves can help prevent vapour lock and cavitation, which is important for keeping wire looms working efficiently. They also keep clutch cables from wearing down too quickly as well.

If you want to keep your car running, it’s best not just to have a quality engine. You’ll also need heat shielding sleeves for gas and oil that are crucial in keeping those fluids pumping smoothly.

But where to find the best Heat Sleeve In Australia if you are looking to keep your delicate wiring and hoses safe from intense heat?

Look no further than Kool Wrap Heat Sleeves in Australia for providing the best heat protection. The key to a successful engine is keeping it cool, and Kool Wrap Heat Sleeves in Australia can do just that. It prevents vapour lock by preventing hot gases from entering your car’s cooling system or fogging up vision panels on vehicles with chilly Ac Motors. So if you want an easy way of protecting all those wirings looms in between gasoline-fueled machinery, then this one is undoubtedly recommended.

You’re probably wondering, “why should I buy a heat sleeve from Kool Wrap?” Well, let’s take a look at its advantages and see if it is worth getting.

  1. Made of durable, heat-resistant material, these sleeves will protect your equipment from damage caused by high temperatures.
  2. Protect vapour lock or cavitation when exposed at high speeds over long periods.
  3. Prevent any wires loom getting fried due-to friction caused by excess energy buildup.
  4. Made with premium quality materials.