Heat Shield Protection

Adhesive 0.5mm Gold Flexible Heat Shield

NASA technology has been used to create our Gold Foil Adhesive Heat Shield. A micro thin layer of Gold Coloured Foil is encased in a high temperature polymer and backed by fibreglass and an adhesive backing. Use the Kool Wrap Adhesive Gold Foil Heat Shield to cool intake pipes and protect the underside of a bonnet, firewall or inner panels.

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Adhesive 1.5mm Silver Flexible Heat Shield

Our Kool Wrap Aluma Shield has become the go to product for car builders, aircraft manufacturers or anyone wanting to reflect maximum heat and provide a heat barrier to protect fuel tanks, the firewall, composite panels, kitchen cupboards or anywhere where heat can potentially cause damage. Available in 3 sizes.

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Adhesive 3.5mm Silver Flexible Heat Shield-Light Duty

The Aluma Shield II adhesive Heat Shield is 3.5mm thick and you can adhere this sheet material to any surface where excess heat is a problem.

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Adhesive 4.0mm Silver Flexible Heat Shield-Heavy Duty

The heavy duty Aluma Shield II Heavy Duty has a thicker aluminium foil facing and is perfect under a car where the hot exhaust is heating the floor and making life uncomfortable for the occupants. Can be used for many applications.

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Embossed Semi Rigid Heat Shields

The Kool Wrap multi-layer embossed aluminium heat shields are semi- rigid and easy to fold and form to suit your requirements. It is the most effective way to control and manage radiant exhaust heat problems.

These sheets can reduce heat by up to 90%. Easy to cut with tin snips or scissors, simply fold and form edges with a hammer on a square edge.

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Kool Wrap manufactures a range of Heat Shield products including:

Semi Rigid Embossed Heat Shield Panels
Adhesive Flexible Heat Shield Adhesive Sheets
Heat Reflective Adhesive Tapes

Use Kool Wrap heat shield products to protect:

Fuel tanks or cells
Water tanks
Bulk heads
Engine bays
Car Interiors
Motorcycle Seats

Or anywhere where radiant heat is causing problems or discomfort