Heat Insulating Adhesive Tape

Heat Resistant Aluminium Foil Tape

This is pure aluminium foil tape in either a 0.03mm or 0.07mm thickness. Great for many repair jobs at home but also useful on the car and can reflect heat from intake pipes and other heat sensitive engine parts

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Reinforced Heat Resistant Aluminium Tape

The Kool Wrap Reinforced tape has a reinforced fibreglass backing and a real aluminium foil outer face. Ideal where you need a stronger tape capable of withstanding temperatures up to 600°C.

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Heat Resistant Fibreglass Backed Aluminium Tape

This tape is 1.3mm thick and has a real aluminium foil facing backed by a thick woven fibreglass backing. The fibreglass provides a real insulation layer between the foil and the product or surface you wish to protect. Many uses including on aircraft, racing cars and boats and even in industrial kitchens.

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High-Quality Heat Resistant Tape. Australia Wide delivery.

Heat resistant Aluminim Foil tape is a tough water and weather proof tape designed to handle temperatures up to 250°C. It can reflect 95% of radiant heat and provide protection to any surface it is applied to. We have straight foil tapes, reinforced foil tapes or thicker fibreglass insulating tapes in the range.

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Heat Shield Tape used by the Best

A number of key industries rely on our Kool Wrap Aluminium Foil tapes. Australia over, we are trusted manufacturers of high-grade products that are effective and reliable in a range of demanding circumstances.

Leading design in Heat Reflective Adhesive Tapes

Kool Wrap Aluminium foil tape can reflect excess heat away from hoses, wiring and air intakes pipes. Offering excellent protection from moisture and heat, our aluminium foil tape is reliable, strong and impressive. Our tapes are made from a layer of reflective aluminium foil reinforced by a fiberglass layer that increases durability.

Our Range of Adhesive Tapes

Kool Wrap Adhesive tapes are available in two distinct ranges that promise quality and reliability under the extreme conditions they are designed for.

  • Gold Reflecta Shield Tape
  • Silver Aluminium Heat Shield Tape

The Kool Wrap staff have been supplying high quality heat insulation products for over 30 years and have supplied everyone from championship winning car racing teams to multi million dollar Industrial and Mining Sector equipment.

You can be assured that Kool Wrap will have the right solution and the right price for your next insulation project.