Turbo Blankets

Silicone Coated Turbo Blankets

Kool Wrap Turbo Blankets keep the exhaust heat inside the Turbo Exhaust housing and away from hoses, cables, fuel and brake lines, and other heat sensitive components. They can also help to protect workers or mechanics working close to the Turbocharger. The Kool Wrap Silicone coated Turbo Blanket features 12mm thick internal silica insulation covered in a hard wearing silicone coated outer cover. The cover is washable and resists fuel and oil spills. The blanket also features external heat resistant stitching. Available in a wide range of sizes.

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Titanium Basalt Turbo Blankets

The Kool Wrap Titanium Basalt Turbo Blanket is designed for the highest temperature Turbochargers and has a heat rating of over 1,000°C. It features 12mm thick internal silica insulation and a Titanium Basalt woven outer cover. External Kevlar stitching keeps the stitched seam away from the hot turbo housing. Ideal for all applications but especially high horsepower engines. Available in a wide range of sizes.

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Carbon Fibre Turbo Blanket

Kool Wrap has just released a limited range of their ultra high temperature rated Carbon Fibre Turbo Blankets. The new Black Carbon Fibre Turbo Blankets are made for the highest temperature rated Turbocharger applications. Carbon fibre is a composite material frequently used in motorsport. It has incredible physical properties including its ability to withstand very high temperatures yet continue to keep is high strength physical properties. And it also looks great. Only available in our T3, T4 and T6 sizes.

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Turbo Blankets are a heat shield for an engine Turbocharger and make the engine bay a cooler and safer place to be.

Turbo Blankets are typically used by owners of high performance cars to reduce excessive heat build up in the engine bay.

But they can also be used on diesel engines found in boats, generators, trucks, agricultural equipment and earth moving equipment.

Many work sites are improving worker safety and turbo blankets can help protect a mechanic from nasty burns and can also reduce the possibility of fire.

Lastly, Kool Wrap Turbocharger Blankets or Turbo Beanies can actually increase power outputs. Rather than allowing the exhaust heat to dissipate into the atmosphere, a Kool Wrap Turbo Blanket will keep that hot exhaust heat inside the Turbo Chargers exhaust housing increasing the velocity passed onto the compressor wheel and helping to build boost and power.

Keep your engine running cool with Kool Wrap Turbo Blanket

You love your car and want to make sure that it runs smoothly for as long as possible. You might think installing an aftermarket part like the turbocharger would be against protocol, but you’ll quickly learn how important this little compressor is. The turbocharger provides a unique and fun way to give your car more power while making all the right sounds. However, this little compressor is not without its drawbacks; it produces significant heat, which can be difficult for some vehicles to handle.

But one doesn’t have to worry about heat as the solution to it is “Turbo Blanket”

The turbo blanket is like the armour of your engine bay. It keeps all that heat from spreading around and melting important parts like plastic or rubber components, which would cause a lot more harm than good if they were to melt. Most modern turbos are wrapped in some kind of material with properties designed especially for this job. Sometimes fabric blankets are used, but metal ones are also available – even volcanic lava rock has been used at times.

Turbo heat blankets are made of different materials, and based on that, different types are available.

Lava Turbo Blanket:- is the perfect way to keep your car or other vehicle running all winter smoothly long. This innovative product uses natural volcanic rock to help heat your vehicle quickly and efficiently. The lava turbo blanket is easy to install, and it can be used on any type of car or vehicle.

Nissan Turbo Blanket:- These turbo blankets are made from a special fabric that can withstand high temperatures. They’re insulated with an inner layer of wool and calcium magnesium silicate, topped off by the even more durable outer coverings in silicone impregnated fibreglass for maximum protection against heat.

Looking to keep your turbocharger running cooler for extended life and reliability?

Check out the Kool Wrap Turbo blanket in Australia. This specially designed heat shield fits snugly around your turbo, keeping the heat in a while, allowing air to flow freely. Made from durable materials, our turbo blanket is a great way to protect your investment.

Let’s look at some advantages of buying a Kool Wrap Turbo blanket:-


  1. Highly effective at protecting components around your turbo by effectively blocking the heat produced by the hot rear Turbo housing.
  2. The blanket is made of premium quality ultra-high temperature insulation material.
  3. We only use the best materials to ensure you get maximum life from your Turbo Blanket. Just be aware that the glass fibres do become brittle after many heat cycles and it is best not to remove or handle the Turbo Blanket too many times.
  4. The turbo blanket is easy to install – just wrap it around your turbocharger and secure it with the included ties.

Explore some of the considerable benefits of our specially engineered Turbo Blankets—

Our Turbo Blanket protects the components installed in the Engine Bay.

At Kool Wrap, we take pride in designing and manufacturing the Best Turbo Blanket, isolating heat produced from the turbocharger. By installing our Turbo heat blanket, preventing heat from torturing the surrounding components of the turbocharger, including the painted surfaces, plastic parts, rubber hoses or electrical wiring, and the surface of the hood is possible.

By installing a high-quality Turbo Blanket, preserving the local high temperatures in automobiles and engines is achievable. Unfortunately, most automobile companies don’t install turbo blankets leaving only a few new vehicle models in the recent past. Therefore, vehicle owners mostly have to invest in the Nissan Turbo Blanket as an accessory as a post-sales investment for protecting the engine and increasing the performance withstanding the extreme heat oozes with higher acceleration.

One of the most common issues of turbocharged vehicles is heat gasket failure. It is caused due to localised heating of any particular engine area. This problem is noticed in both OEM and aftermarket turbocharged automobiles. Buy the premium quality turbocharger blanket from Kool Wrap, guaranteeing 100% protection from the partial heat damages in your car engines by protecting the heat gaskets.

Our Turbo heat blankets ensure 100% improvement of engine performance. It keeps the hot side hot and cold side cold

The skilful design engineering team at Kool Wrap manufactures the specially designed Turbo heat blanket, which improves the turbocharger’s performance. It is a known fact that hotter gasses are more expansive. Therefore, it is necessary to allow the gas to escape within a confined area. As a result, the engine performance is higher by installing a Turbo Beanie or a turbo blanket. This accessory helps balance the system by keeping the hot side hot without hampering the tenacity of the high power engines designed for more speed and performance.

Allowing the engine to breathe in cool air is essential for drivers/engineers to install intercoolers and turbochargers. Similar to keeping the hot side hot, the engines need cooler gas. With the denser air intake, the engine can breathe in more oxygen with every unit. Drivers experience a higher performance of the engines by feeding them with more oxygen. By balancing the hot and cold side of the engines with our highly engineered Lava Turbo Blanket, improving the engine efficiency is 100% guaranteed.

Kool Wrap is a trusted manufacturer of premium quality Turbo heat blanket in Australia without importing anything from the USA or other countries. We are a highly indigenous manufacturer with an uncompromising attitude towards maintaining the higher grade of our Turbo Blanket by using the best quality raw materials from a trusted source. After multiple testings in several stages, we deliver the final products to our esteemed customers across the nation and the world.