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Warmer in Winter, Cooler in Summer – Trusted and Professional Van Insulation in Australia

You have reached your destination safely and happily, but what if you can’t stay comfortably inside your van or mobile home due to a lack of insulation. No matter what kind of weather it is, if you want to stay comfortably inside your van, then you need to insulate it. And that is when Kool Wrap Van Insulation comes to make your holidays more enjoyable and comfortable with an exceptional range of van insulation in Australia.

Kool Wrap offers you a Professional van insulation Kit that insulates your van in the best possible manner. Whether it be summer or winter, having van insulation in your van helps you in maintaining the temperature according to your requirement.

Kool Wrap offers a range of products to make your car or van a more comfortable place to spend time in. Many people also fit their vans to turn them into a motorhome to explore Australia’s vast open spaces. From exploring the best places in Australia to spending your day or night in the van, having van insulation in Australia gives you every comfort that you enjoy at your home.

But uninsulated vans can get very hot and very cold and can suffer from problematic condensation. If you sleep in a van on a chilly night, you will wake up to the inside of your van dripping in condensation. The metal walls cool overnight, and your warm breathing carries moisture that condenses on the cool panels of your van, making for a very wet interior. Whether you need Self-adhesive van insulation or require professional Van insulation and lining services nearby, then choosing Kool Wrap will always give you incredible outcomes.

Keep Your Van Cool And Safe With Kool Wrap Van Insulation Products

A comfortable and safe place to spend time in your car or van is essential. Summer heat can quickly make any vehicle into an oven, while winter chills will give you shivers when there’s no insulation for warmth. Whether it be summertime travel across Australia with friends on vacation, long weekends away from work so that family members may see one another again after months apart, no matter what circumstance brings about those moments of delight (or fatigue), having proper venting systems within our cars makes all aspects much easier. Proper Van Insulations will help ensure that temperature remains stable to maintain an optimal living condition for yourself while exploring Australia’s vast open spaces with family members and friends.

But how can you insulate your van or cars?

Van insulation is a critical issue to consider, as the temperature in your vehicle can significantly impact how comfortable you are while travelling. There are many types of van insulations like self-adhesive, lining, rolls kit, professional van insulation available with varying prices and effectiveness – some may cost less but provide little protection from heat loss. Other options offer more coverage at higher costs.

Why Choose Kool Wrap – The Professional Van Insulation in Australia?

You always want to choose professional van insulation in Australia, which provides you with the best quality insulation material that gives you the highest comfort. We at Kool Wrap believe in providing the best quality product so that you get the best results.

  • Our Van Liner is made from closed cell insulating foam, which creates a barrier between the van’s inside and the exterior walls’ cool metal surfaces.
  • We have a comprehensive range of van insulation in Australia, and you can choose the best that suits your requirement.
  • With long years of expertise in this field, Kool Wrap provides you with an incredible range of van insulation in Australia that wouldn’t take up valuable space in your van and help you reduce heat transfer up to 90%.
  • With our premium quality van insulation in Australia, we provide you with Deadens Sound.
  • All our products are quick and easy to install, which gives you enhanced freedom.
  • We at Kool Wrap contains a highly experienced team that provides you with an instant solution to all your concerns and queries.

Incredible Features of Professional Van Insulation Kit in Australia:

Our incredible and professional van insulation kit is available for every van model and comes with an easy “DIY Guide” that offers you exceptional installation outcomes. If you have any query about installing insulation, you can always contact our highly experienced team to get fruitful results.

  • Our van insulation contains high-density panel insulation.
  • All our insulation contains high insulation R-Value that helps you efficiently resist heat transfer via conduction.
  • Exceptional cooling performance in High and heavy ambient temperatures.
  • Professional and smooth high gloss internal finish that gives your van an enhanced appearance.
  • Easy to install and no screws used in construction which makes it highly durable.

We at Kool Wrap provide you with professional van insulation in Australia that comes with a list of incredible features. Whether it be a higher R-value or quick installation process, our exceptional range of van insulation rolls will always give you the best outcomes in any temperature or weather conditions.

The factors based on which one should choose the type of van insulation are:-

  1. R-value:- R-Values measure how well materials resist heat transfer from one side to another. The higher R values mean better insulators
  2. Moisture and mould resistance:- are two factors that can make or break the quality of your van life. Vapour barriers have been touted as a way to combat these problems.
  3. Budget:- aspire to get the best quality insulation material at an affordable price.

Things you must know before insulating your Van with our products

Van insulation is becoming customary to most owners, whether for commercial or personal use. Buy our Professional van insulation to enjoy the best ROI and the comfort you deserve by installing the additional layering inside your Van.

Know a few more things about van insulation before investing in it—

Kool Wrap produces premium quality van insulation Australia, designed for slowing down the heat transfer both in and out of the vehicle. Let’s explore the different types of heat transfers and how our Van insulation and lining support the purpose.


When the heat transfers through the air, radiation occurs. Though the process doesn’t require any medium, it performs in a vacuum, too. However, your Van starts getting heated as the sun passes through the windows while travelling by the atmosphere. To lower down the heat transfer, buy our No-1 Van insulation roll and install it in your van DIY.

People living in extreme weather where they prevail extreme summer are thankful for the insulation inside their Van to restrain the scorching heat outside.


Conduction occurs when heat transfers through solid surfaces. It is a common heating problem that most van users experience. If you are off camping, make sure the Van is insulated so that the sun’s extreme warmth doesn’t penetrate through the Van.

Shop for our van insulation to get rid of the heating issues!

The HVAC system inside the Van works better with insulation during summer and winter.


You can save your Van from convection heat by buying Kool Wrap’s Van insulation kit now!

When the heat passes through the liquid or gas, convection occurs. It is a regular natural phenomenon when the heated and less dense air reaches the roof while the cooler air seeps to the vehicle’s floor. Therefore, it is high time to deal with the issue by installing Self-adhesive van insulation specially designed by our engineers at Cool Wrap.

The best place in Australia to find the best quality and variety of van insulation is Kool Wrap Van Insulation.

Kool Wrap is the answer to all your insulation needs in Australia. Whether you need a van liner, self-adhesive material, rolls of liners, kits or professional van insulation – we have it. In Australia, there are many types and styles available so that no matter what type suits you best for different models, you can find their perfect match here at Kool Wrap Van Insulation. In addition, these products keep vehicles warm during the wintertime and maintain optimal temperature levels throughout the summer months.

Let’s talk about a few advantages of Kool Wrap Van Insulation:

  1. With a range of products to choose from and excellent customer service on hand if you need it – there’s no better place than Kool Wrap
  2. We have deluxe van-specific materials that will keep you safe from radiant heat loss in the summertime.
  3. The products are easy and quick to install
  4. All of our insulation contains high R-values that help resist heat transfer via conduction.
  5. Durable, affordable, reliable, readily available, long-lasting – comes with all qualities.

Are you looking for the best and professional van insulation in Australia for your van? If yes, then Kool Wrap is here to provide you with the best quality van insulation product that gives you exceptional outcomes.