Kool Wrap Car Sound Deadener Kit Pack Heat Proof Adhesive Silver Foil 1.92m2


Premium Quality Kool Wrap Adhesive Floor and Door Sound Deadener Heat Shield


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Premium Quality Kool Wrap Floor and Door Sound Deadener Heat Shield Kit to suit Cars, Vans, Trucks, or any vehicle where excess noise is a problem.

Kool Wrap Sound Deadener – Dramatically reduces in vehicle noise caused by  resonance, panel vibration, and road noise. Many vehicles are produced to a price and use minimal or no sound deadening, especially commercial vans. Our Kool Wrap Sound Deadener will reduce low and high frequency sounds inside your van and when combined with our 10mm adhesive Heat Insulation Liner
it makes your car, van or truck a much more comfortable place to spend time. Very popular for use on mobile home conversions.

  • The kit includes:
    12 sheets 50cm x 32cm (total 1.92m2 )
  • Includes free Roller Applicator


  • Kool Wrap New Butyl Sound Deadener will reduce general noise inside your car, van or truck by stopping the lightweight exterior panels from vibrating and magnifying road noise. 
  • Includes an aluminium top layer to assist with installation and blocks additional heat transfer.
  • Kool Wrap New Butyl has an adhesive backing that makes applying our Sound Deadener “dead easy”!
  • Super flexible and easily moulded to the floor & panel shapes.
  • Similar to the sound deadener used by many new car manufacturers
  • At around 2 mm thick & 3kg/m2, Kool Wrap Sound Deadener is both thicker and more effective than the opposition and at a better price.
  • Fully approved for fitment to motor vehicles, totally safe for vehicle interior use, allergy free!


Kool Wrap is a manufacturer of professional heat protection products including Header Wrap, Heat Sleeves, Spark Plug Boot Shields and Turbo Blankets.
Our staff have 20+ years experience in the industry and have supplied heat protection components to leading V8 Supercar teams and to General Motors Holden.

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 61 × 36 × 7 cm

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