Kool Wrap Adhesive Van Liner Heat Sound Shield Insulation 10mm Foam & Foil 1.0m ×5.0m


Kool Wrap Adhesive Heat Shield Reflecting Insulation consists of a layer of reflecting aluminium foil bonded to a fibreglass backing, then a 10mm layer of insulating foam and finally a pressure sensitive and heat resistant adhesive layer.

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Car & Van Liner, Foil & High Density Foam Heat & Sound Shield Insulation –

1.0m x 5m- 10mm thick

Suits many applications including the inside of vans, wagons, caravans and enclosed trailers. Keeps your van warm in winter and cool in summer.

Can also be used under the bonnet or under engine covers on trucks, vans, tractors and earthmoving equipment.

Kool Wrap 10mm Van Liner is a light weight thermal acoustic barrier designed to line the inside of vehicles reducing sound and heat, and creating a vapour barrier. Our Van Liner has been engineered to be flexible and contour directly to curved surfaces. The silver PET face offers durability and tear resistance, and gives the installer the benefit of being able to tape joints to create a sealed barrier.

Our Van Liner will not absorb water and is one of the most effective single layer materials to insulate against heat. Ideal for lining vehicle roofs, door trims, fender cavities, van interiors, campers, trucks and various equipment. Commonly used inside vans and campers as a cost effective solution to thermally insulate when touring.

Prevents condensation. It is amazing how much moisture we breath out. I am sure we have all slept in a small tent and woken up to find the walls soaking wet in the morning. When sleeping in a van, the same problem occurs. The wall of the van cool at night and the moisture from our breathing condenses on the walls. This can eventually lead to rust forming in corners and crevices. Our Kool Wrap Van Liner creates a barrier between the inside of your van and the cool metal surfaces of the van walls.

The Kool Wrap Heat & Sound Shield can also be used on:

  • Marine or boat engine cover
  • Under hood or bonnet of cars or trucks
  • Around domestic heat sources such as an oven or hot water system
  • Trucks and buses around engine covers or under floor
  • Heat Shield or Mat for Turbo Car
  • Insulation Pad

When used under a bonnet or engine cover, Kool Wrap liner blocks heat convection from the hot air flow through the radiator and around the engine. Protects exterior surfaces such as car paint work.

High engine bay heat can be a particular problem with turbocharged or supercharged cars.

– Designed by acoustic engineers to reduce passenger compartment noise
– Easy to install, cuts with scissors,
– Prevents heat from fading bonnet paintwork


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Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 104 × 30 × 30 cm

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