Kool Wrap Sound Deadener & Van Liner Insulation- Package Deal- Small Van & 4WD- Kit #1


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Van insulation kit. Heavy duty sound insulation and light weight high density sound & heat insulation. Kit consists of 4.0 square meters of High Densituy Sound Deadener. This absorbs resonance and dramatically reduces noise levels in your car or van. Plus 10m2 of Kool Wrap Adhesive Heat Shield Reflecting Insulation Van Liner made from a layer of reflecting aluminium foil bonded to a fibreglass backing, then a 10mm layer of insulating closed cell foam and finally a pressure sensitive and heat resistant adhesive layer. Kit also includes a free application roller.

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Small Van and 4WD Van Liner Heat & Sound Insulation Kit- Kit #1

Contains 3.8m2 Sound Deadener, Applicator and 10m2 Adhesive Van Liner Insulation

Dramatically improve the sound and heat insulation of your van or 4WD with our Kool Wrap Sound Deadener and Heat Insulation Van Liner. The Sound Deadener stops resonance from the thin exterior panels and the Van liner keeps the vehicle cooler in summer and warmer in winter. It also prevents condensation from occuring if you sleep in the van.

Kool Van Low Roof STD WB correctedSuits many applications including the inside of vans, wagons, caravans and enclosed trailers.

Part 1: Kool Wrap High Density Sound Deadener -3.92m2

3.92 square meters of our premium Kool Wrap Sound Deadener. These adhesive high density panels contour to the floor sides or roof of any car, van, 4WD or truck. The high mass stops the drumming or resonance caused by large steel car panelling.

Kool Wrap Sound Deadener features:

  • Controls car panel noise with resonance reduction, anti drum and aluminium heat reflection layers for superior insulation, with improved comfort and audio performance with advanced German engineered acoustic materials.
  • Our Sound Deadener is made from sheets of a new adhesive Butyl which is a modern non-toxic high-mass synthetic rubber. It is 100% waterproof and is used in many common applications including the bladder in sporting balls, inside high end speakers, roof repairs and even tyres. Our Kool Wrap Butyl does not require heating and has no smell.
  • Sticks well to all surfaces for easy DIY Fitment.
  • These Butyl sheets also have a top layer of aluminium to help keep the sheets in shape and to aid in installation. The aluminium top layer helps the sheets to follow the contours of your vehicles floor and wheel arches.
  • Super flexible and easily moulded to the floor & panel shapes.
  • Our Kool Wrap Sound Deadener sheets are 32cm x 50cm and 2mm thick. You simply cut to size, peel off the backing wax paper and apply to your inside panels. For a fully professional job, we would recommend covering 100% of your floor area with Kool Wrap Sound Deadener and then use smaller sections in the centre of the side panels and inside the ceiling of your vehicle covering approximately 20-30% of those panels.
  • At around 2mm thick & 3kg/m2, Kool Wrap Sound Deadener is both thicker and more effective than the opposition and at a better price.
  • Fully approved by the EU for fitment to motor vehicles, totally safe for vehicle interior use, allergy free!

Part 2: Kool Wrap 10mm Premium Van Liner- 10m2

Kool Wrap adhesive 10mm thick Van Liner is a light weight thermal acoustic barrier designed to line the inside of vehicles reducing sound and heat, and creating a vapour barrier. Our Van Liner has been engineered to be flexible and contour directly to curved surfaces. The silver PET face offers durability and tear resistance, and gives the installer the benefit of being able to tape joints to create a sealed barrier. Our Van Liner will not absorb water and is one of the most effective single layer materials to insulate against heat. Ideal for lining vehicle roofs, door trims, fender cavities, van interiors, campers, trucks and various equipment. Commonly used inside vans and campers as a cost effective solution to thermally insulate when touring.

No more condensation dripping from your roof!

The Kool Wrap Heat & Sound Shield can be used on:

  • Marine or boat engine cover
  • Under hood or bonnet of cars or trucks
  • Around domestic heat sources such as an oven or hot water system
  • Trucks and buses around engine covers or under floor
  • Heat Shield or Mat for Turbo Car
  • Insulation Pad

Kool Wrap liner blocks heat convection from the hot air flow through the radiator and around the engine. Protects exterior surfaces such as car paint work. Can be used on firewalls, cupboards, walls etc.

High engine bay heat can be a particular problem with turbocharged or supercharged cars.

– Designed by acoustic engineers to reduce passenger compartment noise
– Easy to install, cuts with scissors,
– Prevents heat from fading bonnet paintwork


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