Car Battery Insulation Heat Shield Kit, Suits Lead Acid, AGM and Lithium Type Batteries


Battery Heat Insulation kit to suit cars, 4WD, 4X4 and Trucks. Protect your battery from over heating. Includes battery acid neutraliser.

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Kool Wrap battery heat insulation kit not only creates a heat barrier to insulate the battery from engine bay heat, it also features an acid-neutralising heat barrier mat.

The insulation kit will reflect over 90 percent of radiant heat, trap and neutralise battery acid, protect against corrosion and are easy to install.

Excessive heat can shorten the life of your car, truck or equipment battery. The Kool Wrap Heat Protection Insulation Kit reflects 90% of radiant heat and protects your battery. Excess heat speeds up the chemical reactions inside your battery shortening its life span. The Kool Wrap battery Insulation Kit can help to increase the life of your battery.

Similar kits are used by all branches of the United States military to protect the service life of their automotive batteries.

Suits batteries 20cm high and an overall outside dimension (measure 4 sides) of up to 1.0m. For instance, it easily fits a battery that is 330mm long x 170mm wide.

  • Easy to install
  • Suits Lead Acid, AGM and Lithium Batteries
  • Suits all size batteries
  • Fits batteries with an outside circumference of up to 1.016m circumference.
  • For instance, it easily fits a battery that is 330mm long x 170mm wide
  • Increases battery life
  • Reduces vibration
  • Absorbs and neutralises battery acid
  • Insulates battery from heat
  • Protects against corrosion

Kool Wrap’s Ultimate Guide to Automotive Heat Shield Wrapping

At Kool Wrap, we understand the importance of protecting your vehicle’s performance and ensuring its longevity. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our range of Automotive Heat Shields, specifically designed for the Australian driving environment.

The Science Behind Wrapping Exhaust Headers

Exhaust headers play a crucial role in your vehicle’s performance. They ensure that exhaust gases exit the engine efficiently, allowing it to breathe better and perform optimally. Wrapping Exhaust Headers with our specially designed automotive heat shields ensures that these gases remain hot, improving the flow and reducing the engine’s workload. This process not only boosts performance but also extends the life of the headers by reducing the chances of metal fatigue.

Advantages of Automotive Heat Shield Wrapping for Exhaust Headers

There are numerous benefits to wrapping your exhaust headers with Kool Wrap’s Automotive Heat Shield:

  • Performance Enhancement: By maintaining the heat within the exhaust headers, you ensure optimal gas flow, which can boost horsepower.
  • Protection: Our heat shields protect other engine components from excessive heat, ensuring they function efficiently and last longer.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Improved exhaust flow can lead to better fuel efficiency, saving you money at the pump.
  • Noise Reduction: Heat shields can act as a barrier, reducing engine noise and providing a quieter ride.

Choosing the Best Automotive Heat Shield Wraps for Exhaust Headers

While there are many products on the market, Kool Wrap stands out as the premier choice for Australian drivers. Our heat shields are:

  • Durable: Built to withstand the harsh Australian climate, from scorching summers to chilly winters.
  • Efficient: Designed to provide maximum heat protection, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Easy to Install: Our products come with a comprehensive guide, making the installation process a breeze.

Maintaining Heat Shield Wraps on Exhaust Headers

To ensure the longevity and efficiency of your Kool Wrap Automotive Heat Shield, regular maintenance is essential:

  • Regular Inspection: Check for any signs of wear or damage. This will help you identify any potential issues before they become significant problems.
  • Cleaning: Use a mild detergent and water to clean the shield. Avoid using harsh chemicals that could damage the material.
  • Replacement: While our heat shields are built to last, like all automotive components, they will eventually wear out. Regular inspections will help you determine when it’s time for a replacement.


Kool Wrap’s Automotive Heat Shield is the ultimate solution for Australian drivers looking to enhance their vehicle’s performance, protect its components, and ensure a quieter, more efficient ride. With the added benefits of improved fuel efficiency and reduced engine noise, it’s clear why so many Australians trust Kool Wrap for their automotive heat shield needs.

Invest in the best. Invest in Kool Wrap.

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