Why Does Exhaust Wrap play a vital role in your Motorcycle?


Applying fibreglass or volcanic-rock exhaust wrap to your Motorcycle’s header and the exhaust pipe is a simple and effective enhancement you can accomplish at home. This enhances the appearance of your pipes while also reducing burns and increasing performance.
Want to learn more about how exhaust wrap can make your ride smoother and cooler? Here are four reasons why motorcycle exhaust tape is a good idea for your ride!

Motorcycle exhaust heat shield : Why Use It?


Improves Engine Performance by Cooling It


When racing at high speeds, cutting down on downtime while waiting for the engine to throttle is critical. Exhaust wrap on your Motorcycle can help to prevent automatic throttling by keeping the engine cool, allowing it to operate at maximum capacity for longer periods of time.

How can exhaust wrap help to keep your engine cool? The entire system operates more efficiently and less heat returns to the engine by retaining the heat inside the exhaust system and minimizing the amount that radiates out. Hotter exhaust gas means more air is drawn through the system faster, producing more fuel.

Improves the safety of riders

The second reason you need motorbike exhaust wrap is to keep yourself cool when riding. While riding, Burns to your skin, clothes, and boots are typing, but they may be easily avoided by wrapping an aluminium heat shield across your header and exhaust pipe.

When compared to naked pipes, fibreglass and volcanic rock motorcycle pipe coverings can reduce the temperature radiated from your pipes by up to 50%. This decrease in temperature helps to protect you, but it can also help extend the life of shocks and fairings that are close to exhaust components.

Simple to Install at Home

The advantage of attaching exhaust wrap to your header is that it is inexpensive, quick, and simple to do. Motorcycle exhaust tape is the best bang for your buck when compared to other modifications. Are you ready to make your garage a hub of activity? Take a look at how to put your motorcycle exhaust heat shield wrap on at home.

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