Kool Wrap 2 Layer Aluminium Exhaust Heat Shield Panel, Embossed Aluminium, Semi Rigid, 30cm x 50cm


Aluminium Exhaust heat shield sheet

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The Kool Wrap Embossed Aluminium Exhaust Heat Shield

Our Kool Wrap multi-layer embossed aluminium heat shields are the most effective way to control and manage radiant heat. You can also fold and form the sheet to suit your specifications.

This embossed aluminium heat shield is 50cm x 30cm and can cut the effects of radiant heat by up to 90%. It is also available in larger 50cm x 70cm sizes.

Kool Wrap embossed aluminium heat shields are a universal material designed to manage and reduce radiant and conductive heat. Aluminium is the ideal choice of material as it offers a high corrosion resistance, high thermal conductivity, and is highly reflective.

Designed to reduce temperatures up to 650°C.

It can be effectively used in various applications such as:

  • Engine compartments
  • Exhaust systems
  • Under carriages
  • Industrial application
  • Agricultural applications

Also available, stainless mounts for hose clamps to space shield off round

Why is it essential to protect your car from overheating?

Overheated engines can harm the interior of a vehicle. With excessive fan speeds, you could crack an intake manifold or cause other expensive damage with no warning signs until it’s too late! As cars get more advanced in the design, there’s even more significant risk involved when trying to cool down and provide enough airflow through their systems without sacrificing performance potentials either way around- which means that properly designed heat shields are a must for all vehicles.

Are you thinking about which heat shield is best for you and where to find them?

The Kool Wrap Embossed Aluminium Exhaust Heat Shield in Australia is a highly effective way to combat thermal issues by reducing heat in your ride. Utilising the advantages of aluminium, it’s solid and light-weight with corrosion-resistant properties that make this product ideal for controlling overheating problems on vehicles like bikes or cars where you may need something durable enough not only to protect against but also absorb any excess energy from radiant heating sources such as sun-baked roads during summer months when things get hot.

Kool Wrap’s range of exhaust shields in Australia is made with the modern-day buyer in mind, providing them with an effective way to control the heat by reducing it by over 90%. These multi-layered embossed sheets can be easily folded and formed into any shape or size needed for your custom-designed shield.

Let’s talk about a few advantages of Kool Wrap Aluminium Heat Shield;-

  • Lightweight yet strong enough to protect and manage thermal issues without sacrificing performance.
  • The product is made with the highest quality aluminium making it more durable and flexible.
  • Excellent ability to reflect radiant energy from the sun or other sources, so your car doesn’t have any unwanted hotspots on its body panels.
  • Multi-layered sheets are used to keep any sensitive areas protected without sacrificing performance.
  • Corrosion-resistant.


What are the benefits of Heat Shields?

Our designer engineers at Kook Wrap look forward to acquiring optimal thermal suppression for various applications without depending on the traditional metallic heat shields. The rising popularity of alternative materials such as lightweight aluminium or foil insulations drives our engineers to focus more on manufacturing high-end aluminium heat shields. The use of calotte embossing is therefore helping us manufacture lightweight heat shields powered with thermal management and optimal performance capacity.

More stiffness & Reduced weight—

Embossing the aluminium exhaust heat shield enhances the stiffness. We can successfully manufacture lightweight gauge materials on the heat shield by embossing. Today’s designers are getting new opportunities to choose more materials to reduce the weight of heat shields.

More formability with aluminium

Our Kool Wrap designers find embossing effective in creating 3D features, thin gauge metals, and aluminium substrates. The flexibility of the aluminium is increased due to receiving z- axis. With the more stretchable base material, the heat shield becomes more formidable. We, therefore, successfully create bigger three-dimensional pieces that e easily used for hood insulators, dash insulators, tunnel shields for underbody systems and so on.

Sturdy acoustic insulation properties

Expect more sturdiness in the exhaust shield with embossing the base material such as aluminium. It is because the sound waves are transmitted and reflected on the 3D structure of the heat shields after embossing. Therefore, for automobile or industrial designers who need noise absorbing, less vibrating and reduced harshness in the shields, embossing is strongly recommended to complete the thermal acoustic process.

Impeccable Appearance

The glossiness of the embossing helps to hide the discrepancies on the surface of the materials. In addition, hiding wrinkles on the heat shield sheets or foils can be 100% done with embossing that has a role to play to improve the visual presentations of our products.

We at Kool Wrap manufacture both single and multi-layer constructions with embossed die-cut heat shields. The multi-layer embossing enhances rigidity and stiffness by providing air gaps between the parts. It also prevents layers from making any contact with the heat reflections. Embossing reduces the red hot spots on single-layer products.

Kool wrap has goodwill to manufacture premium quality heat shields. When manufacturing embossed heat shields for the automobile industry or industrial sectors- we ensure 100% guaranteed best quality sheets at the most affordable prices.

Connect with us for a quick quotation based on your requirements.

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