Should I Use Heat Wrap Tape for My Motorcycle Exhaust? The Pros and Cons of Heat Wrapping Tape for Motorcycle Exhausts


Most fear the potential damage of their motorcycle if they do choose to heat wrap their exhaust. However, there are many benefits by choosing exhaust wrap for your motorcycle that could, in turn, preserve the appearance and function of your motorcycle in the long-term.

Below are some pros of heat wrapping your motorbike exhaust:

Reduced engine temperature

Reduced engine temperature enhances the efficiency of the engine contributing to a smooth ride and better fuel efficiency. 

With the exhaust heat wrap on, the heat stays within the pipe assisting the function of the exhaust pipe which is pushing out heat and smoke.

A cooler engine enhances the horsepower and helps the engine function with higher efficiency.

Cosmetic benefit

When the exhaust heat shield is installed properly you can avoid the discolouration of the exhaust pipe normally caused because of the excessive heat passing through the pipe when the motorcycle is in motion. 

The exhaust wrap covers up the blemishes providing your motorcycle with a sleeker and cleaner finish.

The exhaust wrap can also act as a protective element. When you are riding your motorcycle, particularly over long distances, your feet stay pretty close to the exhaust pipes which are extremely hot and can potentially cause serious burns.  With the exhaust wrap on the still gains some heat but can prevent the extremity of any burns to your feet and legs.

Easy to install

Installing exhaust wrap is a simple and easy process.

The whole process of installation can be achieved in less than an hour. 

As this is an effective procedure that can be done in a timely manner you can start reaping the benefits of exhaust wrap quicker!


Apart from ease of installation, the exhaust wrap for your motorcycle is also a cost-effective approach to taking better care of your motorcycle, both now and in the long-term.

Usually, fibreglass wraps are priced below $50 for a roll that is 50’ in length.  At best you may need two rolls depending on the way you apply it. If you are an expert with the task, you may even be able to accomplish with only one roll.

Below are some cons to heat wrapping your motorbike exhausts

Difficult installation

It is essential to take extra care when it comes to the installation of your exhaust heat wrap as a poor method of installation can impact how it appears on your exhaust. It may not cover the exhaust how it’s meant to and can impact how it performs its function.

Water damage

If you are not using your motorcycle regularly and water seeps between the wrap and the pipe, it can hasten the rusting. With regular riding, you can combat this problem since water gets dissipated due to the heat. 

Smoke and smell:

Post-installation, the exhaust wrap produces a significant amount of smoke and unpleasant smell. As a result of this you can’t ride your motorcycle for a few hours. If you do, you increase the risk for curing the wrap around the pipe causing marks that will stay permanently.

Overall, there are a variety of pros and cons to the installation of an exhaust wrap to your motorcycle. This is not an uncommon procedure and many in fact have credited wrapping their exhaust for preserving the appearance and operation of the motorcycle as years have progressed.

If you would like to learn more about our heat resistant wraps and exhaust heat shield wraps, please call us on: 0412 548 609 to speak with a member of our team today.

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