What is a heat shield, and where is it used?


While you read the word “heat shield”, it’s pretty obvious that you can easily understand its meaning. Indeed, a heat shield is a type of barrier that a device needs against heat. We use heat shields in every area where we need to control heat.

There is another type of heat shield that is known as an insulator. Its job is keeping heat inside. This type of heat shield is used in the automotive and industrial sectors. Different materials make heat shields like aluminium, stainless steel, fibreglass, basalt, and silica. You can call a heat shield with the help of the material used, just like an aluminium heat shield.

Different uses of a heat shield

We need to control the heat in different sectors like:

Industrial sector:

As a general fact, most factories and power plants machines produce heat. Thus, controlling heat is required due to the risk of damage to electronic parts or the workers’ health.
Heatshield covers, sleeves, curtains, and tape can help keep electronic parts safe and save the worker from fatigue.

Automotive industry:

An exhaust heat shield is needed in automobiles, motorcycles, and motorboats. Exhaust shields reduce the amount of heat coming from the exhaust system. This protection is essential to make your vehicle optimally powerful and efficient.


Fireplaces in your home may create heat that may damage precious furniture or electrical appliances like TV, refrigerators etc. Thus, a fireplace needs the aluminium heat shield as a heat barrier to protect these delegate items of your home.


Naturally, firearms used in armed forces generate a large amount of heat that may damage military accessories. Moreover, unwanted heat is not good for military persons as well. Thus, heat shields are frequently used in all armed forces like the Navy, air force and Army.

Finally, heat shields are available to protect life and goods from conductive, convective heat. You need to be sure about your objectives before buying a heat shield for your personal or commercial place. Browsing the web is also a good idea to find out the correct heat barrier.

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