Want a motorhome to travel Australia but cannot afford a Winnebago? Then build one yourself!

Van Conversion Kool Wrap

Travel restrictions have hampered thousands of peoples desire to travel and many are now looking at touring Australia. But with caravans in short supply and typical motorhomes costing $100,000+, there is a surge in interest in building your own motorhome.

When you add up the dollars, building your own motorhome makes a lot of sense. A quick look on Car Sales revealed hundreds of used vans and buses including a 2010 VW Transporter with 200,000kms for $15,000. Someone who is handy with tools could easily add cupboards, a fridge, sink and bedding for under $10,000. And off you go. You’re ready to explore Australia for under $25,000.

Kool Wrap now offers Van Sound and Heat insulation kits for all popular sized vans to make your road trip even more comfortable. Courier vans and buses are built to a price and come equipped with minimal creature comforts and if your travel plans include a trip to the northern half of Australia, van insulation will be a must. A van left in the sun could see interior temperatures exceeding 50°C.

Kool Wrap Van Liner Insulation

Interestingly, one of the key problems with sleeping in your van is condensation. At night, the metal surfaces of the van cool and any moisture in the warm air inside your van condenses on the walls of the van. The moisture can come from humidity, maybe cooking and even from our breathing. You may have experienced the same thing when sleeping in small tents.

The Kool Wrap Van Sound and Heat Insulation kit includes high mass adhesive vinyl panels that are adhered to the inside of the larger panels on the sides and ceiling of your van to stop the drumming effect or resonance caused by large panels of sheet metal. The kits also include either 7.5mm or the premium 10mm thick adhesive Van Liner that is applied all over the sides and ceiling to provide noise and heat insulation.

The Van Liner is made from a dense closed cell foam rubber synthetic material that traps air pockets and prevents high or low temperatures from penetrating into your van. The outer surface has a aluminium foil layer to reflect radiant heat or cold. It also creates a barrier that stops moisture from condensing on the walls of your van.

Kool Wrap also makes high density foam underlays that again act as a sound and heat insulator for the floor of your van.

If you are planning on building your own motorhome and want to explore Australia, call Kool Wrap today on 1300 44 33 34 and discuss your van insulation.

Kool Wrap has Van Insulation Kits for the following vans:

  • Renault Master
  • Ford Transit
  • Mercedes Sprinter
  • Mercedes Vito
  • VW Transporter
  • VW Crafter
  • Hyundai ILoad
  • Toyota HiAce
  • Toyota Commuter


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