Proof That Turbo Blankets Dramatically Reduce Engine Bay Heat!

Here at Kool Wrap, we intend to embark on a series of bench tests to evaluate the performance of all of our heat protection products. But while we arrange the equipment to start these tests, we found a great video from the guys at Engineering Explained- a well known Youtube channel-  where they used an Infrared camera and temperature data logger to test the heat generated by their Turbocharged GTi VW with and without a turbo blanket.

They used a Titanium Basalt Turbo Blanket of exactly the same construction as our Kool Wrap blankets. The results were definitely impressive.

The turbocharger without the blanket showed exhaust housing temps up to 500°C and these dropped to 160-200°C with the blanket fitted. This reduced engine bay heat was then shown to reduce the temperatures of nearby coolant hoses, the turbo to intercooler piping, the air intake and turbo oil lubrication line.

Check out the video below. The guys did a great job.

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