How to measure a turbocharger when ordering a custom made Turbo Blanket

Kool Wrap Turbo Size Chart

We get many inquiries at Kool Wrap for Turbocharger covers or blankets. These are either used to reduce under bonnet heat in racing cars or popular 4WD’s or they are used on industrial machinery to reduce heat in an engine roon, or to reduce the chance of an oil leak causing a fire.

Regulations relating to trucks, graders, dozers, gensets etc have really tightened up on mine sites or on tunnel projects and all machines need to pass a stringent safety check. Turbo blankets and exhaust manifold covers are often specified as a leaking hydraulic hose could easily spray oil onto a red hot manifold or turbocharger and cause a fire.

There are literally thousands of different design turbochargers on the market and it is difficult to find patterns or drawings for most of these models. Therefore we need customers to run a tape measure over their Turbocharger to assist us to find a solution. The attached diagram shows the measurements we may need. Measurements A & B are the most important.

Kool Wrap keeps 12 different designs on the shelf and we can modify these if required or completely custom make a blanket for larger turbochargers.

Call our office on 1300 44 33 34 if you require assistance with your Turbo Blanket.

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Proof That Turbo Blankets Dramatically Reduce Engine Bay Heat!

Here at Kool Wrap, we intend to embark on a series of bench tests to evaluate the performance of all of our heat protection products. But while we arrange the equipment to start these tests, we found a great video from the guys at Engineering Explained- a well known Youtube channel-  where they used an Infrared camera and temperature data logger to test the heat generated by their Turbocharged GTi VW with and without a turbo blanket.

They used a Titanium Basalt Turbo Blanket of exactly the same construction as our Kool Wrap blankets. The results were definitely impressive.

The turbocharger without the blanket showed exhaust housing temps up to 500°C and these dropped to 160-200°C with the blanket fitted. This reduced engine bay heat was then shown to reduce the temperatures of nearby coolant hoses, the turbo to intercooler piping, the air intake and turbo oil lubrication line.

Check out the video below. The guys did a great job.

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Why You Should Invest in a Turbo Blanket and the Benefits of Using a Turbo Blanket

What is a turbo blanket?

A turbo blanket is a heat protection blanket that prevents and isolates heat from your turbocharger. Turbo blankets not only control the heat being produced from your turbocharger, they also prevent heat damage and potential ignition from damaging anything surrounding your turbocharger.

Turbo blankets are extremely beneficial to the safety and protection of your turbocharger and can prevent any potential hazards and damage.

It is important to consider investing in a turbo blanket for many reasons as there are many benefits to using one.

Turbo blankets protect surrounding areas and not just your turbocharger

Not only do turbo blankets ensure the heat isolation of your turbocharger, they also have the capacity to protect any surrounding objects and areas around your turbocharger, including: plastic and rubber hoses, electrical wires, engine bay and the surface of the hood.

Additionally, the use of a turbo blanket is also able to control the amount of heat distribution to the overall engine compartment. This type of control will prevent any overheating and any potential damage to the engine itself.

Improves the performance of your turbocharger

The turbo blanket is able to contain the heat within your turbocharger and the exhaust gases centralised within the turbocharger, that in turn improves the overall performance and function of your turbocharger.

With the increased pressure, control and better flow of exhaust gas and heat throughout the turbocharger, the acceleration of the turbochargers impeller is immediately increased and improved, creating for a more responsive and easy to boost turbocharger.

Turbo blankets can also equally distribute coolness throughout your turbocharger

Turbo blankets are also able to keep the cool side cool and can evenly distribute coolness throughout the engine and the turbocharger to ensure that no compartments surrounding the turbocharger are overheating or being damaged.

A turbo blanket is able to separate the hot side and the cool side of the turbocharger quite well and therefore there is a balance between generating exhaust heat for better function and cool for high levels of safety and protection for the engine itself.

Turbo blankets can be affordable from certain professional heat protection businesses.

Turbo blankets are usually an affordable option and heat protection product that can not only protect and improve the performance of your turbocharger, but also be able to extend the lifetime of your turbocharger.

Typically, investing in a turbo blanket early will be an easier investment than spending great amounts for regular maintenance and servicing of your turbocharger, as well as risking the overall safety and potential damage of your engine by choosing not to invest in a turbo blanket.

At Kool Wrap, we pride ourselves on being the best in the business when it comes to professional heat protection products.

We sell a variety of turbo blankets for a wide range of turbo chargers at an affordable price.

If you want to know more about our different turbo blankets available or would like to learn more about the many benefits of investing in a turbo blanket for your turbocharger, please call us on: 0412 548 609 to speak with a member of our team today!

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Do Turbo Blankets Actually Boost Performance?

Kool Wrap Black Silicone Coated Turbo Blanket

Turbo Blankets or Beanies where introduced for 4 key reasons:

  • Reduce under bonnet or hood temperatures to protect fuel lines, hoses and other engine components from heat damage
  • Reduce the chance of injury for mechanics working near hot turbochargers
  • Improve performance by lowering engine bay temperatures and therefore intake air temperatures
  • Increase temperatures of the turbo exhaust housing and therefore accelerate the intake turbine faster, reducing lag and in turn increase boost pressures

Turbo Blankets have no doubt proved themselves to be very popular with turbo car owners, but will a Turbo Blanket really bring on Boost faster?

Luckily for us, graduate research assistant Steffen Bickle at the University of Texas decided to thoroughly investigate this theory.

Click HERE to read his paper.

The short version is, yes, Turbo Blankets or Turbo Beanies definitely do increase exhaust housing temperatures and help to build boost faster.

Steffan Bickle found that …..”With the turbo blanket mounted, the turbocharger shaft speeds exceeded their baseline counterpart for identical engine operating conditions which resulted in increased boost pressures throughout all tested steady state speed-load point”.

He went on to conclude…”The time-to-torque improvement with the PTP Turbo Blanket was significant, especially for the last case, in which we used a simultaneous tip-in of the speed and the load, the time-to-torque improvement was impressive with an instantaneous torque improvement of up to 140 Nm. This led to an acceleration advantage of 250 engine rpm in spite of the fact that the duration was less than 2.5 s for the entire event. The improvement of the turbocharger performance provided this engine performance advantage because the turbocharger spool-up was faster which resulted in a boost pressure advantage of up to 0.3 bar when the PTP Turbo Blanket was mounted”.

I think that we can safely agree that a Turbo Beanie or Turbo Blanket is a very cheap and easy addition to any Turbocharged Car and the benefits are proven.

  • Faster spool up of the turbocharger- less lag
  • Cooler under bonnet or under hood temperatures
  • Potential power gains by reduced engine bay temperatures
  • A safer engine bay for mechanics and enthusiasts

Check our the Kool Wrap range of Turbo Blankets or Beanies


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