How to measure a turbocharger when ordering a custom made Turbo Blanket

Kool Wrap Turbo Size Chart

Kool Wrap Turbo Size Chart

We get many inquiries at Kool Wrap for Turbocharger covers or blankets. These are either used to reduce under bonnet heat in racing cars or popular 4WD’s or they are used on industrial machinery to reduce heat in an engine roon, or to reduce the chance of an oil leak causing a fire.

Regulations relating to trucks, graders, dozers, gensets etc have really tightened up on mine sites or on tunnel projects and all machines need to pass a stringent safety check. Turbo blankets and exhaust manifold covers are often specified as a leaking hydraulic hose could easily spray oil onto a red hot manifold or turbocharger and cause a fire.

There are literally thousands of different design turbochargers on the market and it is difficult to find patterns or drawings for most of these models. Therefore we need customers to run a tape measure over their Turbocharger to assist us to find a solution. The attached diagram shows the measurements we may need. Measurements A & B are the most important.

Kool Wrap keeps 12 different designs on the shelf and we can modify these if required or completely custom make a blanket for larger turbochargers.

Call our office on 1300 44 33 34 if you require assistance with your Turbo Blanket.

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