Street Machine Magazine Drag Challenge

Jamie Knights Kool Wrap equipped HX Holden

Kool Wrap has been announced as a class sponsor of this year’s Street Machine Magazine Drag Challenge event. The Drag Challenge is in it’s 7th year and will be boast the largest field of high performance genuine street cars competing in a marathon 5 day drag racing spread over 1,000km around Victoria.

Some of these machines produce more than 2,000hp and racing engines like these were never designed to cruise Victorian country roads. Competitors are not allowed a support crew and some change differentials twice a day or run twin fuel systems for standard grade fuel and racing fuel.

The last event was held pre-Covid and of the 200+ competitors, 23 ran into the 8 second zone and an unbelievable 3 cars posted 7 second quarter mile elapsed times. As you can imagine, these racing engines produce plenty of heat and Kool Wrap will be on hand to supply exhaust wraps, under floor insulation and heat sleeves for fuel lines, cables and hoses.

This years event will take place in Victoria on October 17-22, starting at Calder Park before heading to Portland, Mildura, Heathcote and then back to Calder. Entries open Friday April 2.

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