How to Apply Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap in 7 Easy Steps

It’s not unusual anymore to see what appears to be fabric-like wrapped around the exhaust pipes of a motorcycle. 

The basic idea is to protect your legs from the hot exhaust pipes. However, applying a motorcycle exhaust wrap is not just about avoiding injuries.

Its insulation can also protect the motorcycle’s components from extreme heat. Bike enthusiasts even claim that using exhaust wraps can improve engine performance. 

What’s sure is that it can also hide pipe dents, or it is used simply for aesthetics reasons.

Whatever the reason may be, applying these wraps is very easy – all it takes is just preparation and thoroughness. 

Follow the following steps and you’ll have your bike pipe wrapped in a jiffy.

1. Prepare Your Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap

Start by preparing all your materials. You will need professional equipment for a much more professional result. 

Purchasing an exhaust wrap isn’t that costly, and the materials needed won’t be that complicated.

You will need to prepare the following items:

  • A bucket of cold water
  •  Scissors
  • Cloth (Old clothes will do)
  • Gloves
  • Jubilee clips
  • Disposable ground sheet
  • Silicone spray paint (for heat wrapping)
  • Exhaust wraps

2. Carefully Plan the Wrapping Process

Think everything through before commencing the wrapping procedure. It is important to be calculating – from where to start, end and clip up. 

You need to plan ahead especially if your exhaust has any fixing brackets. Wash the exhaust and clean any blemishes once done.

3. Soak the Exhaust Wrap

Be cautious when taking out the heat resistant tape from its packaging. Handle it carefully and quickly put it into the bucket of water. This will prevent the fibreglass from scattering. 

Take note that soaking it will result in getting the wrap tighter around the exhaust.

4. Start the Wrapping Procedure

Begin the wrapping process at the smallest part of your exhaust. Use a cable tie or a wire to keep it together. 

Run the tape over covering a quarter inch of the previous covering. Twist it around after every four turns with both hands. Make sure to apply the wrap as tight as possible.

5. Wrap It in Place Using the Clip

Keep the wrap appropriately placed at both ends using the stainless-steel jubilee clips. Make sure to wrap it properly to keep it secured. 

Keep the screw noticeable should you need to remove it in the future. Otherwise, ensure that you tighten it with the screw placed on the back part of the exhaust.

6. Reinstall the Exhaust

Leave your bike overnight after putting back the exhaust. Start your motorcycle the next day. 

Don’t be alarmed if the wrap emits smoke. It is a normal process as it burns off the starch in the yarn. All the smoking will be done in about 10 minutes. 

You may find this unnecessary but you need to detach the exhaust again after it cools down.

7. Paint the Exhaust

Hang the exhaust up and apply protective tape around the exposed parts. Use the silicone spray paint on your exhaust wrap. 

This process is important not just for aesthetics reasons – the paint gives added protection from dirt and oil as it seals it thoroughly. 

Apply multiple light coats rather than a one-off single or double thick coating. Remember to buy the same colour as your wrap.

Wrapping Up

Applying a motorcycle exhaust wrap is not just for the cool aesthetics alone. It is also a way to protect your engine from potential damage. 

However, installing the wrap incorrectly will only defeat its purpose. That is why you need to make sure the wrap is placed correctly – not too tight and no gaps as well.

Maintenance will also be a factor. Check the exhaust pipes and the engine temperature frequently to be sure that no overheating takes place. Fix the issue immediately by removing the wrap before your ride.

Wrapping your motorcycle exhaust is not a complicated process. It is easy to achieve satisfying results by following the above mentioned steps. 

Having the right gear definitely gets the job done.

Get Your Exhaust Wrap from The Experts

Kool Wrap is the leading brand when it comes to heat protection products. We got it all – quality exhaust wraps, reflective adhesive tapes, etc. 

We take pride in producing first-class heat insulation materials since 1995.

Our decade of experience says it all. We have become a supplier of heat protection productions for V8 Supercar and drag racing teams, GM Holden and several automotive enthusiasts in Australia. 

We continue to improve our specially-designed products and it would be an honour to serve your needs.

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Being specialists themselves, they can surely provide you with amazing solutions for heat protection. Set up a call with us to discuss your requirements.

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Tips For Maintaining Motorcycles

Only passionate motorcyclists know the true value and pride of driving motorcycles. They are the best-made two-wheelers capable of covering the longer distance in the minimum time. The motorcycles represent speed and only because of that reason, many are intrigued to garage a cool motorcycle. If you own a motorcycle, take proper care of it by replacing the Aluminium Foil Tape from Kool Wrap to maintain the exhaust system, necessary for better performance.

However, to enhance the longevity and retain the optimum performance of the motorcycles, you need to maintain your vehicle just like the maintenance needed for cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Here, we have shortlisted a couple of tips for your for maintaining your favourite two-wheeler—

Enhance engine performance

To increase the speed and the speed of the bike, it is mandatory to keep an eye on your motorcycle’s engine. Install the premium quality good air filters that help the vehicle to breathe better. Let the combusted air pass quickly by installing a motorcycle exhaust heat shield efficiently so that the engine can perform better. To enhance the performance of the engine you also need to check the engine oil regularly. With a properly maintained engine and with supreme quality fuel, the motorcycles can run faster.

Cleaning Vehicle

If you ride the motorcycle daily, you should at least wash off the dirt from the bike once a week. For the rest of the days mop the dust from the surface of the body. Use plain water to wash the motorcycle. Once in a while, you can use a mix of water and soap to shampoo the motorcycle.

Maintain brakes & clutch pad

The engine is run by the clutch pad and the brake. For the outstanding performance of the two-wheelers, you need to maintain the clutch pads and brakes regularly. This maintenance prevents accidents that are often caused because of brake failure or skidding on the road.

Replace old battery

Keeping very old batteries in cars and also in motorcycles doesn’t make sense at all. You can consider replacing the old one with a new battery if you find the previous one leaking and causing serious damage to your car. Cleaning the battery terminals is also essential. You can use professional solutions or a mix of water and baking soda to clean off the chemical sediments from the battery terminals before placing the new one.

So, these are some of the most effective tips shared to maintain motorcycles.

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Street Machine Magazine Drag Challenge

Kool Wrap has been announced as a class sponsor of this year’s Street Machine Magazine Drag Challenge event. The Drag Challenge is in it’s 7th year and will be boast the largest field of high performance genuine street cars competing in a marathon 5 day drag racing spread over 1,000km around Victoria.

Some of these machines produce more than 2,000hp and racing engines like these were never designed to cruise Victorian country roads. Competitors are not allowed a support crew and some change differentials twice a day or run twin fuel systems for standard grade fuel and racing fuel.

The last event was held pre-Covid and of the 200+ competitors, 23 ran into the 8 second zone and an unbelievable 3 cars posted 7 second quarter mile elapsed times. As you can imagine, these racing engines produce plenty of heat and Kool Wrap will be on hand to supply exhaust wraps, under floor insulation and heat sleeves for fuel lines, cables and hoses.

This years event will take place in Victoria on October 17-22, starting at Calder Park before heading to Portland, Mildura, Heathcote and then back to Calder. Entries open Friday April 2.

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