Kool Wrap Kitchen Oven Cavity Insulation Kit, Self Adhesive, 2 Sheets, 60cm x 60cm


Heat Insulation kit to fit oven cavity

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Kitchen ovens can get pretty hot and the last thing you want is an oven damaging your new kitchen cupboards. Our Kool Wrap Kitchen Oven Cavity Insulation Kit is the ideal solution.

The Kool Wrap Oven or Stove Insulation kit consists of heat reflective aluminium foil backed by an insulating fibreglass. Simply peel off the paper backing and stick the self adhesive insulation to the inner walls of your oven cavity. With the foil facing the hot oven, the material reflects 95% of radiant heat and the fibreglass backing creates a heat shield to prevent any heat passing through to the cupboards.

This material has many other uses around the house or at your work place. It is often used on motor cycle fairings, on car or 4WD firewalls, around industrial ovens, industrial production lines etc.

The kit comprises of two pieces measuring 60cm x 60cm, 1 sheet is usually used on each side panel. Larger ovens may require 2 kits. Always refer to your oven installation instructions and ensure rear ventilation.

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