Kool Wrap Rockwool High Temperature Insulation- 5m x 0.6m x 25mm


Kool Wrap High Temperature Rockwool Pipe and Ducting Insulation

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Kool Wrap can now supply a range of Rockwool insulation products that are perfect for wrapping around large diameter pipework or tanks. Rockwool Insulation can handle temperatures up to 1,000°C without melting!

This roll is the higher density 100kg/m3 and can be supplied in widths of 60cm or 1.2m.

We do offer a range of density and roll sizes to suit many insulating projects along with stainless steel ties, fasteners and high temperature foil adhesive tapes.

Multi layer solution may be required in some circumstances.
Call us today with your requirements and we will provide a very competitive quotation.

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