How to Insulate Diesel Heater Exhaust Pipes

Kool Wrap Diesel Heater Exhaust Insulation

Diesel Heaters have become a popular addition to many Caravans and  Camper Vans, especially during the colder months.

Typical Diesel Heater Installation

They don’t use much electricity and they are easier to install than LPG heaters. Diesel is also very easy to buy no matter how isolated you are, and you don’t burn up your precious LPG.

But the diesel heater exhaust pipe can get super hot and damage cupboards and flooring if you are not careful.

Kool Wrap has been contacted by many owners wanting to install their Diesel Heaters and are concerned about this excessive heat. They want to insulate the exhaust pipe as it travels out of the van through cupboards, walls or the floor.

The attached photos show how one of our customers ran his diesel heater exhaust pipe out through his floor and then off to the side of his ute camper. He used our 25mm wide Black fibreglass exhaust wrap or lagging and wrapped the length of the pipe to avoid potentially damaging heat transfer to batteries, flooring or water pipes. The photo below shows the back of the heater and the exhaust pipe goes down through the floor.

Kool Wrap Diesel Heater Exhaust Insulation

Kool Wrap Diesel Heater Exhaust Insulation 2

Our wrap is simple to install and is supplied with stainless steel ball or zip ties.

Black Kool Wrap Exhaust Wrap and ties

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