How does aluminium foil insulation work?


The use of various insulation materials is prevalent. However, the use of aluminium foil tape has recently gained popularity. The reasons are simple. It is practical and economical. However, not many people understand what goes in the process of insulation.

This article attempts to explain the same. It is imperative to understand something that you are reaping benefits of. Otherwise, how will you be prepared for unforeseen circumstances? Furthermore, having some general knowledge never bought anyone any harm

The process of insulation

The objective of insulation is to reduce the heat transfer that occurs due to thermal radiation. Basically, to prevent your van from getting heated due to sunlight. The reflective surface (which is aluminium foil) bars and reflects the heat from one side. Thus, preventing it from being transferred to the other side. Overall, this reduces the amount of heat that can reach the other side by several folds.

The purpose of insulation, as we all know, is to keep the temperature in check. Using aluminium foil for this is probably the most economical and effective way of achieving the same. In addition, if you are insulating your van, it can reduce fuel consumption due to less air conditioner usage.

Installing foil insulation

Installing foil insulation can be a tedious task. You are working with an aluminium sheet that is less than 0.2 mm thick. Indeed, it can get a little tricky. The process of installation includes measuring, cutting, and taping. The usage of different types of taping is encouraged for better results.

It is understandable if you require professional help. However, before you decide upon an agency to do the work, consider some crucial factors. Do they provide a genuine warranty? Will their support team be available in your area? How have other customers reviewed it?

Considering all the factors mentioned above, we recommend Kool Wrap. They ensure professional van insulation with a genuine warranty. You can also visit their website to check customer reviews. Book your service today!

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