9 Amazing Advantages of Choosing Aluminium Foil Tape

Foil tapes are known for its versatility and its weather-resistant sealing capabilities. It is widely used in various industries for its long-lasting solutions – making it ideal for extreme cases. 

It is the material most preferred in manufacturing for aerospace, marine and the military to name a few.

Aluminium tapes can also be used particularly for automotive purposes like insulation, shielding, general sealing, etc. 

This only proves its usefulness in all aspects of repairs in different fields of work. Continue reading to learn more about foil tapes and its benefits.

What Exactly is a Foil Tape?

The aluminum foil tape is considered as one of the most commonly used foil adhesives. It was introduced in 1888 and was commercially produced in the United States in 1913. 

Its attractive exterior and protective capabilities made it popular especially in packages, insulation and electrical capacitors.

The tape’s rugged and malleable features were from its specially-designed metal foil backing, which makes it a good conductor of heat and electricity as well. 

Variations include, aluminium with lead, glass, copper only or with tin plating.

The Benefits of Using Foil Tape

Foil tapes exhibit numerous advantages. A lot of insulation materials are available in the market. However, only few are at par with the aluminium foil tape’s abilities. 

Here we highlight some of its benefits:

1. Recyclability

Foil tapes are among the most sustainable adhesive tapes used today. It only requires 5% of the energy needed for its initial production phase and is very recyclable.

2. Toxic Chemical Resistance

Foil tape is toxic itself when you burn it. However, it is also highly resistant to other chemicals.

This makes foil insulation, coating and wrapping exteriors against toxic elements a great option. 

These tapes can handle extreme cases where fuel, oil and other corrosive chemicals are present.

3. Durability and Versatility

Foil tapes are manufactured using superior materials for its outstanding adhesion and cohesion as well as its thermal properties. 

It is also highly flexible and can even be used in uneven surfaces – making it a great option for harnesses, wires and exhaust pipes. 

Foil tapes are also easy to apply – sticking almost instantly. The same goes when peeling it.

4. Humidity and Moisture Resistance

The moisture resistance prowess of foil tapes come in handy especially in the marine industry. 

It can be applied for patching without losing its adhesion. Scientific American even suggested that moisture resistant foil tapes can be used to manufacture a cargo boat.

5. Extreme Thermal Resistance

Foil tape that incorporates any metal can offer versatility in extreme temperatures, and has the ability to retain its adhesiveness even in the most freezing cold scenarios. 

Its backing can withstand up to 260 degrees and it performs well compared to your traditional adhesive tapes.

6. UV Resistance

Foil tapes can assure you that UV rays won’t be a problem. Its quality won’t be affected by direct sunlight and its bond stays intact. 

Its reflective surface is also effective at reducing heat travelling through it.

7. Extended Service Use

Foil tapes work better over time in comparison with standard adhesive tapes. It is the reason why it is ideal for concealed applications, like drainage layers and insulations. 

The aluminium foil tape’s acrylic adhesive technology provides improved thermal stability, adhesion and cohesion.

8. Excellent Replacement for Mastic

Aluminium foil tape products are not as dirty as mastic. There’s no need for additional fasteners, drywall mesh, scrap metal and the like, as it seals large areas without it. 

Foil tapes can also be used in air handlers and furnaces as it can seal holes perfectly.

9. Availability in Different Variants

Foil tapes are being sold in different thickness and sizes. The overall thickness is more important than the size because it will affect its strength and performance in high temperatures.

Higher elongation break points will also endure more stretching when applied.


Foil tapes provide several benefits and are available in different materials. It offers a lot of upsides that are beneficial to different industries. 

It gives limitless options due to the traits listed above. Mastering the primary functions of a foil tape is a must.

Get the Best Foil Tapes in Australia

Kool Wrap offers high quality aluminium foil tapes in the country. Our wide range of adhesive tapes is perfect for your needs. 

Our aluminium tapes are lightweight but are strong enough to handle tasks, at work or at home.

We offer 20+ years of experience in the business – having supplied heat protection components to several industries, especially in the automotive world. 

You can never go wrong when choosing our excellent products.

Kool Wrap understands the importance of producing durable and high-quality adhesion solutions to our clientele. 

Feel free to contact us for further information. Our accommodating staff are more than happy to help you out. We’re looking forward to serving you! 


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Kool Wrap – Your Perfect Companion For Heat Protection and Van Insulation Products in Australia

Van insulation is a serious issue these days as it helps keep the temperature down to extreme limits. Van insulation helps in reducing the temperature of the van. Insulating your van protects you, your family and your goods from the dangers of condensation, mould and cold. Whether you need exhaust heat wrap tape or Engine Cover Heat Insulation, we at Kool Wrap provide you with an exceptional range of van insulation and heat protection products that give you the most satisfying outcomes. 

We provide you with professional and advanced pure aluminium foil tape in either a 0.03mm or 0.07mm thickness, which is ideal for your van and provides exceptional outcomes. In addition, Kool Wrap offers you a Professional van insulation Kit that insulates your van in the best possible manner. With a wide range of exhaust heat wrap tape, we provide you with an opportunity to choose the right type according to your requirement. Our wide range of van insulation and heat protection products will give you the best quality results no matter what you are looking for. 

Why Choose Kool Wrap As Your Perfect Van Insulation Partner?

We always believe in serving our clients with world-class quality products with long years of expertise in this field and providing quality outcomes. Our main aim is to serve our clients with the most satisfying outcomes at the best and affordable prices by supplying our products to various Australian manufacturers and suppliers. 

From offering you exhaust heat wrap tape, Battery Insulation Kit, Engine Cover Heat Insulation, Van Insulation Kit, our extensive range of heat protection products help you in achieving great results and the finest experience. 

  • Australian Delivery

We are an Australian-owned company and provide you with exceptional delivery options in Australia to receive your product hassle-free. Whether you need exhaust heat wrap tape or Engine Cover Heat Insulation, our team offers faster delivery options.

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By manufacturing high-quality products and a premium range of accessories, we provide you 100% satisfaction guaranteed. With a wide range of products, we go beyond your exceptional and provide you with the best products that you are looking for. 

  • Genuine Warranty

Our products have a genuine warranty to get exceptional outcomes and robust after-sales support. Visit our website today to know more. 

  • Local Support

No matter what you buy, you always consider customer support. At Kool Wrap, we provide you with local professional help to get the best quality outcomes. Our highly experienced team and exceptional local support will instantly solve your problem. 

We are constantly looking at ways to improve our current range and design new products and applications. For example, check out our wide range of heat protection products and van insulation products. 

For any queries or product information, connect with our expert team at 1300 44 33 34.

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How does aluminium foil insulation work?

The use of various insulation materials is prevalent. However, the use of aluminium foil tape has recently gained popularity. The reasons are simple. It is practical and economical. However, not many people understand what goes in the process of insulation.

This article attempts to explain the same. It is imperative to understand something that you are reaping benefits of. Otherwise, how will you be prepared for unforeseen circumstances? Furthermore, having some general knowledge never bought anyone any harm

The process of insulation

The objective of insulation is to reduce the heat transfer that occurs due to thermal radiation. Basically, to prevent your van from getting heated due to sunlight. The reflective surface (which is aluminium foil) bars and reflects the heat from one side. Thus, preventing it from being transferred to the other side. Overall, this reduces the amount of heat that can reach the other side by several folds.

The purpose of insulation, as we all know, is to keep the temperature in check. Using aluminium foil for this is probably the most economical and effective way of achieving the same. In addition, if you are insulating your van, it can reduce fuel consumption due to less air conditioner usage.

Installing foil insulation

Installing foil insulation can be a tedious task. You are working with an aluminium sheet that is less than 0.2 mm thick. Indeed, it can get a little tricky. The process of installation includes measuring, cutting, and taping. The usage of different types of taping is encouraged for better results.

It is understandable if you require professional help. However, before you decide upon an agency to do the work, consider some crucial factors. Do they provide a genuine warranty? Will their support team be available in your area? How have other customers reviewed it?

Considering all the factors mentioned above, we recommend Kool Wrap. They ensure professional van insulation with a genuine warranty. You can also visit their website to check customer reviews. Book your service today!

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