Soundproofing vs. Sound Deadening vs Sound Insulation – What’s the Difference?


Who wouldn’t prefer a smooth and quiet ride? It is essential especially for drivers to help them keep their focus on the road.

Wind noise may disturb your peaceful journey, making the driving experience less enjoyable.

This can be annoying especially if you are at a highway speed. Cars are more prone to wind noises because of their less aerodynamic design.

It is the main reason why it is important to reduce the wind noise in a car. We will tackle the basics first before heading to your trusted mechanic.

Let’s define soundproofing, sound deadening and sound insulation. How do you differentiate the three?


According to the Cambridge Dictionary, soundproofing is a special material put in a room or building (in this case, a car) in order to prevent sound from passing out of or into it.

Sound Deadening

It is considered as an aspect of soundproofing. This can be done by placing a material over metal to reduce its vibrations – leading to a lesser car noise.

Sound deadening is basically the process of preventing a metal from rattling, a factor in soundproofing a car.

Sound Insulation

It is a special type of insulation primarily focused on reducing the transfer of noise from inside and outside your car.

Sound waves hit a surface as it travels through the air – it can either be absorbed or deflected. Sound insulation materials can block or absorb these sound waves for a quieter car ride.

Sound absorption stops the sound from bouncing around your car room. Soundproofing your car is the process of blocking the sound from the outside to stop it from travelling in your car space.

How to Soundproof a Car?

The whole process varies with the level of difficulty. It could be from an easy, straightforward job to a much more complicated case.

You simply need to follow four basic steps for every soundproofing task.

1. Identify the Location of the Noise

Pinpoint the source of the sound to assess your approach in soundproofing your car. It could be a noise from an outside source or shakes and rattles from within the trunk.

2. Clear the Area

Working on your soundproofing project will be quite challenging if you do not strip down the area of concern.

Strip down your car until you reach the metal. This process will make the application easier.

3. Clean the Metal

Wipe down the metal sheet with alcohol to increase the bond strength of the soundproofing material.

4. Install the Material

Leave the sound deadening material out the sun to make it more pliable. Ensure that it sticks to every crevice or corner by using a hand roller.

Keep in mind that air bubbles can reduce its efficiency. Use foil tapes to avoid seal edges and gaps to reduce the space where the noise can get through.

Make sure to allot enough space for thicker materials.

Is Soundproofing Your Car Worth It?

Here are the reasons to motivate you in undergoing this car upgrade:

1. Better Driving Focus

A car with good soundproofing will give a much better driving experience. Expect a peaceful drive every time you need to go.

  • Reduced noise from the engine and other car parts
  • Minimal sound coming from the traction of the tyres
  • Less sound from other vehicles

These factors will result in a quiet drive to let you concentrate solely on your driving.

2. Clearer In-Car Conversation

Soundproofing makes conversations much easier inside the car. Annoying road noises can make talking much more difficult.

Investing in quality soundproof materials can help you have an enjoyable chit chat with family and friends.

3. Better Music Experience

Music lovers will benefit from a sound deadening car. Lesser noise will make your favourite songs clearer, so you can sing your heart out while on the road.

How Much Does It Cost?

Soundproofing circumstances vary from one car to another. The costing will depend on the job’s level of difficulty.

It could be based on the type of product to be used and its quantity. How much stripping should be done is also a factor.

A careful assessment must be done first to develop a plan from there.

Get it from a Trustworthy Provider

Kool Wrap is the brand you can trust in terms of car soundproofing. We offer excellent products and services to ensure satisfying results for our clients.

We got you covered from the best insulation mats to soundproofing blankets Australia can offer.

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Understanding the basic concepts of soundproofing can help you fully grasp its idea. This can definitely help you explain your car needs better to an automotive specialist.

All the information written above solidifies the need to have your car soundproofed. Concentrate on its long-term benefits rather than its costing.

You deserve a smooth and peaceful driving experience. Soundproof your car now!

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