Ford Mustang Under Floor Heat Shield Insulation Kit- 5 Piece Kit


Mustang underfloor heat shield kit

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The Kool Wrap DCI multi-layer Ford Mustang Under Floor Heat Shield  kit is Original Equipment (OE) quality and stamped and trimmed to be a direct fit in to Ford Mustangs 2016-2022. The Kool Wrap DCI Mustang Heat Shield Kit significantly reduces floor board and console temperatures.

  • Increased performance and durability
  • Improves factory shielding including protection of the driveshaft centre bearing and fuel tank assemblies
  • Factory appearance and fit
  • DIY bolt on
  • Detailed instructions and fasteners included in kit

The Australian Ford Mustang has been a HOT seller since launched and has far exceeded Ford Australia’s predictions. But it can also get very hot and bothered inside, especially in the sunnier states of Australia. The new Ford Mustang is powered by either a high performance 2.3L Turbocharged 4 cylinder engine making 310 hp or the Coyote series 5.0L V8 engine making over 400 hp. High horsepower means that there is a lot of heat generated and the car companies are renowned for cutting corners where possible and often scrimp on heat insulation of sound deadening.

The Kool Wrap DCI heat shield kit helps to block the transfer of exhaust heat through the floor and into the cabin. This cools the console area, gear lever and floor under and between the front seats.

The Mustang Under Floor Heat Shield Kit is super easy to fit and bolts into place using factory fittedc bolts and bolt holes.

Kool Wrap also stock a range of flat sheet or semi formed aluminium heat shield material for many similar applications.


Additional information

Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 78 × 37 × 5 cm

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