Is your hot oven damaging your kitchen cabinetry?

We have had some phone calls recently from customers that have experienced heat damage to their kitchen cabinets caused by a hot oven.

One customer said “My under bench 90cm Whirlpool oven (2 yrs old) is burning the cabinet which is to the left of it. The vinyl wrap has warped and there is a permanent yellow stain”.

Oven heat damaged kitchen cupboards

There are a combination of factors that can cause an oven’s excess heat to damage to your kitchen cupboards and cabinets.

Insufficient air gap between the oven and the cabinets:

  • Insufficient air gap between the oven and the cabinets
  • Insufficient air ventilation between the oven and the cabinets
  • Insufficient heat insulation within the ovens casing or body
  • Heat sensitive cabinet coatings such as vinyl wrapped cabinetry

Kool Wrap is a specialist heat protection products company and we have developed a heat insulation kit that can help protect your valuable kitchen.

The Kool Wrap Oven Cavity Heat Protection Kit consists of 2 sheets of heat insulating fibreglass with a self adhesive layer on the back. Simply peel off the back paper and stick to the left and right sides of the oven cavity.

Kool Wrap Oven Cavity Insulation Kit

The sheets also have an outer layer of heat reflective aluminium foil to reflect damaging heat radiation back away from your cabinetry. This foil can withstand temperatures up to 660°C, far higher than a typical oven.

The sheet material can be cut with scissors and should take no more than 5-10 minutes to install.

Click HERE to view the kit.

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