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Kool Wrap Titanium Basalt Turbo Blanket Turbo Blanket

Turbochargers are an essential part of a performance engine. They increase the power output by pressurising the air intake, and this can be done in two ways: mechanically or electrically. A turbocharger works by spinning a turbine with exhaust gas from the engine. The faster the turbine spins, the more boost it produces. However, one issue with turbocharged engines is that they generate a lot of heat. As a result, it can cause damage to critical engine components, such as the catalytic converter.

Turbo covers are specifically designed to reduce the radiant heat coming from turbochargers. In addition, it has two significant benefits. First, it keeps the engine bay cooler, which can help to protect sensitive components. Second, it reduces the heat transferred to the air intake, making the engine run more efficiently and producing more power.

Turbo Blankets are typically made from ceramic, fibreglass, flexible metal or volcanic rocks because they provide the best protection against heat. When choosing a turbo blanket for your car, it’s essential to consider where it is used most often and how much you plan on using it. You can purchase Custom heat blankets for turbochargers to fit specific applications. Although modern-day automobiles rarely require a blanket, older cars made before the advent of turbocharging may benefit from one. They weren’t utilising the turbo enough to produce a significant amount of heat and were designed to endure the thermal output of the turbo when used under factory conditions. But high temps become a real issue when people start to push 30 lbs. of boost through an aftermarket turbo setup.

Kool Wrap Turbo Blankets are an excellent option for anyone looking for high-quality turbo protection. They are made from premium materials and can be customised to fit any application. Kool Wrap blankets also come with a lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured that your investment is protected.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your turbocharger cool, a Kool Wrap Turbo Blanket is the perfect solution. The outer layer of our Titanium Wrap Turbo Blanket has one of the highest heat ratings of any known material. In addition, the inner liner of our blankets features ultra high-temperature resistant silica insulation held in place with a stainless steel mesh. The Kool Wrap Blanket is then sewn together with Kevlar stitching.

The Benefits of using a Turbo Blanket

If you are in the market for a turbo blanket, there is no better option than a Kool Wrap Turbo Blanket because,

  • Reduced engine bay temperatures, which helps protect sensitive components from heat damage.
  • Reduced air intake temperature, which increases horsepower and fuel economy.
  • You can purchase Customisable turbo blankets to fit specific applications or colour preferences.
  • Lifetime warranty included with all Kool Wrap Turbo Blankets.
  • Made from premium materials, including titanium and fibreglass for maximum heat protection.
  • Sewn together with Industrial-level stitching for superior strength and durability.

The Kool Wrap Turbo Blanket is a simple but effective accessory that boosts airflow and significantly boosts power. In addition, their turbo beanie will make you feel like a driving champion whether you’re racing down the street or trying to merge into traffic.

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