Kool Wrap: 7 Must-Have Features of a Heat Resistant Tape

Masking tapes are designed and developed to do one important thing—keep paint in a specific area and not have it stain places that shouldn’t be painted. There’s a big difference between painting a wall and an automobile, though. It varies from the type of paint used and how it is applied.

More and more businesses are now adopting the use of high-temperature adhesive tapes, especially in the automotive industry. With hundreds of automotive masking tapes to choose from, finding the best one is a challenge for consumers.

No worries, we’re here to help. Here are some tips from Kool Wrap to guide you in finding the perfect auto adhesive tape.

1.   Heat Resistance

First thing’s first. An auto adhesive tape should be heat-resistant to allow the car paint to dry quickly. A heat resistant tape is the best solution for automobile concerns that require high temperature resistance.

Car painting requires multiple drying processes. Air-drying guns commonly used on vehicles lead to high exposure to extreme heat. Therefore, you will need a tape that can withstand high temperatures. It is highly advisable to use an auto masking tape that can endure a temperature of above 80°C. After finishing the job, keep in mind to remove the tape before the vehicle cools down.

2.   Dimensional Features

The tape’s dimensions should also be considered. Masking tapes with a wide width measurement are best to cover large sections of the car, while providing support to films and papers. Meanwhile, the narrow mask variation can be used directly on smaller surfaces that require precise masking.

3.   Slip Resistance

Another thing to consider in auto painting is slip resistance. High slip resistance offers the ability to hold the masking film or paper in place. Ordinary masking tapes have the tendency to slide your film or paper downwards.

4.   Applicable to Curved Surfaces

Car painting is challenging because cars have curves—they’re not not just made of straight lines. This is the reason why adhesives need to conform to its curves and fit perfectly. Automotive tapes should be easy to apply on all types of vehicle surfaces. These can also be cut in short strips or even torn by hand to apply on uneven surfaces.

5.   Easy to Clean and Remove

Unlike regular masking tapes, heat resistant tapes do not leave traces of sticky residue—even after high temperatures and drying cycles. With normal tapes, chances are, bits of adhesives will stay on the surface. The convenience and time-saving benefits of having the right adhesive tape are truly unparalleled.

6.   Has Both Strong and Delicate Features

The automotive tape should give you the best of both worlds. It is strong enough to deal with masking papers or protection films. On the other hand, the tape should also be gentle enough to not damage the body of the car. It’s not magic. Engineering does the trick. These automotive masking tapes were developed to make your paint jobs much easier.

7.   Compatible With All Brands of Paints, Primers and Fillers

Last but not the least, dealing with harsh chemicals makes the use of a resistant tape all the more important. It is specially designed to work with any car paint to let you perform fixes and necessary detailing tasks without any worries. Even when using water-based paints, its adhesion is always superb. The features and shape of the tape is not affected during the paint application process.

You can consider automotive painting as an artform. The aesthetic appeal of the paint design has always been an important factor in a buyer’s decision. Leaving it to mediocre masking tapes will do more harm than good.

Highly Recommended: Kool Wrap’s Heat Insulating Adhesive Tapes

Kool Wrap offers quality heat-resistant tapes that are tailor-fit to your automotive needs.

You can choose from two distinct, reliable, and high-quality ranges:

  •         Gold Reflecta Shield Tape
  •         Silver Aluminum Heat Shield Tape

Both products have the capability to handle high temperatures of up to 250°C. They can be applied to any surface and can reflect up to 95% of radiant heat.

Our heat insulation products are known for their strength and durability. They do not break when exposed to heat, giving you the best results for your business. Their secure adhesion offers long-lasting stability and will not be compromised by extreme temperatures.

Final Thoughts

Automotive painting demands a higher quality finish compared to interior painting. It pays to have a reliable, heat resistant tape to cater to your paint job needs. It should be compatible regardless of the surface type—be it curved or linear—to achieve satisfying results.

Car manufacturing varies based on the types of materials used. Different metals are utilised for the framework and panels while different plastics are for the trim. These surfaces require protection during the painting process. Hence, the importance of using a high-quality auto adhesive tape.

Kool Wrap’s quality products are trusted and used by many vehicle enthusiasts in Australia. We have been a game-changer since 1995, and we’re the preferred brand by several V8 Supercar and drag racing teams.

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