Industrial Heat Protection

Heat exhaustion

Most workers feel comfortable and therefore work efficiently when the air temperature is between 20°C (68°F) and 27°C ( 80°F) and relative humidity ranges from 35 to 60% (sourced from the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health).

The CCOH article continues saying “The healthy human body maintains its internal temperature around 37°C. Variations, usually of less than 1°C, occur with the time of the day, level of physical activity or emotional state. A change of body temperature of more than 1°C occurs only during illness or when environmental conditions are more than the body’s ability to cope with extreme heat”.

As the work environment warms-up, the body tends to warm-up as well. The body’s internal “thermostat” maintains a constant inner body temperature by pumping more blood to the skin and by increasing sweat production. In this way, the body increases the rate of heat loss to balance the heat burden. In a very hot environment, the rate of “heat gain” is more than the rate of “heat loss” and the body temperature begins to rise. A rise in the body temperature results in heat illnesses.

Heat stress can occur in many workplaces including engine rooms, vehicles, shipping, bakeries, furnaces, foundries, glass production, outdoor construction, laundries, kitchens etc.

These hot environments reduce worker efficiency and:

  • Cause loss of concentration and the ability to do mental tasks
  • Loss of ability to do skilled physical tasks and heavy work
  • Increased irritability

Kool Wrap products can assist workers by insulating or deflecting heat away from the work area.

We have recently completed projects on diesel generators exhaust pipes and turbochargers and even exhaust pipes on fishing vessels.

Call Kool Wrap today and discuss your work place heat protection problems.

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