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What is a Borg Warner Turbo Blanket?

The Borg-Warner Turbo Blankets are specifically designed to reduce the radiant heat from turbochargers. This has two important benefits:

  • Heat comes from the energy released in the combustion chamber. This rapidly expanding exhaust gas pushes the piston down the cylinder making power, but it also spins the exhaust wheel in the turbocharger as it exits the exhaust manifold.
  • The hotter the exhaust gas, the faster the exhaust gas spins the turbocharger and the higher the boost level.

The outer layer of the Borg-Warner Turbo Blanket has one of the highest heat ratings of any known material. The inner liner of our blankets features ultra-high temperature resistant silica insulation held in place with a stainless steel mesh. Borg Warner Turbo Blankets are made from various forms of Glass Fibres. These fibres come from melting down rock types and extruding the molten material into fibres. Our Turbo Blankets and these fibres are 100% non-flammable; however, care should be taken to avoid contact with flammable liquids such as oil or fuels as these may be absorbed by our glass fibre fabrics and allow a flame to be produced.

Glass fibre based fabrics can take very high temperatures, but they will lose flexibility and become brittle after several heat cycles, and this is perfectly normal. Once your blanket has been through these heat cycles, it is not designed to be removed and replaced as damage to the blanket may occur.

What is a High-Temperature Wire Sleeve?

High-temperature wire sleeves are developed using flame retardant, cross-linked and track resistant high-quality polyolefin. As a result, we ensure high voltage heat sleeves are 100% resistant to splitting and show more materials flexibility even when exposed to a higher voltage. In addition, the split-resistance property is durable for long-term usage. This sleeving works well in primary metals operations, refineries, blasting, cast and electric arc furnaces, robotic weld cells, utility power stations, plastic moulding plants, fire protection equipment, and food and beverage and auto industries.


Borg Warner Turbo Blankets reduce radiant heat from turbochargers, with two important benefits: a cooler engine and increased boost levels. High-Temperature Wire Sleeves are developed using flame retardant, cross-linked and track resistant high-quality polyolefin, ensuring 100% resistance to splitting with more materials flexibility. This sleeping works well in high heat applications such as electric arc furnaces, utility power stations, and plastic moulding plants. Borg Warner Turbo Blankets and High-Temperature Wire Sleeves are great solutions for managing heat in high-temperature environments. Whether you are looking to get a turbo blanket or a high-temperature cable sleeve, we offer high-quality industrial-grade equipment built to last at Australia’s own Kool Wrap; we are a group of certified manufacturers of professional heat protection products. So why wait? Shop our exquisite range of accessories today!

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