Best Heat Protection Products For Your Home

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Your home is much more than just a building. It is a place where we feel safe and relaxed and will protect at all costs. Sadly, most accidents are likely to take place in the home. A study reveals that most of the accidents happen due to appliances such as refrigerators, ovens or fireplaces that radiate excessive heat.

Fortunately, the advancements of modern technology mean that we now have access to heat solutions to keep your home safe. These heat protection products will not only protect your home but will also save you money on your household bills. Heat protection products are becoming a staple for most households with a variety of solutions to help safeguard your home. 

Here’s a list of the best heat protection products on the market: 

Adhesive Tapes:

Kool Wrap adhesive tapes can direct excess heat away from pipes, cables and air inputs. They also allow excellent protection from condensation and radiation. The aluminium tapes are reinforced by a fibreglass layer. This increases the durability of the adhesive tapes making them more reliable. The Kool Wrap Adhesive tapes are available in two ranges:-

  • Gold Reflecta Shield Tape
  • Silver Aluminium Heat Shield Tape

Foil Bubble wrap:

Foil Bubble Wrap is a light and durable product that is perfect for insulating homes. These heat solutions are designed for appliances that demand regular temperature restraints. The advantage of foil bubble wrap is that it is easy to install, waterproof and is capable of preventing radiant heat transfer, for both cold and hot. It is available in a silver colour that is composed of non-toxic elements. Thus, the foil bubble wrap is ideally a convenient choice over traditional insulators.

Heat Shield Products:

Heat-shield products can be used anywhere in your living room or kitchen where radiant heat may pose a threat to the safety of your home. They are commonly used at places in the kitchen where an oven or a fridge is placed as the radiating heat may damage surrounding cabinets or drywall. Also, these heat shield products are used near fireplaces as the excessive heat can result in ruining the bricks and initiate cracks in the mortar.

Heat Sleeves Insulation:

Created from a reflective aluminium foil-lined insulation fibreglass, Kool Wrap’s Heat Sleeves are an effective heat solution. Based on their application, the products are split into two categories-

  • Closed sleeves: these can easily slide over hoses/pipes.
  • Open sleeves: protect gas lines or wiring

Because of their effectiveness and excellent performance, heat sleeves insulation products are widely used in homes and workplaces.

To Sum It Up:

The above-mentioned heat protection products are manufactured by the experienced team at Kool Wrap. The products are durable, reliable and built to withstand anything. Every product is specially designed to shield heat, reduce the bills, increase the efficiency and protection of your home. The best part? Every heat protection product from Kool Wrap comes with an assurance of express delivery in Australia and worldwide! So, don’t wait any longer to safeguard your home from the dangers associated with heat radiation. Experience our cost-effective heat solutions for yourself and rest assured that your home and family are protected by the best!

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