Aluminium Foil Tape – What Is It Used For


Metal foil tape combines the adaptability of aluminium with the weather-resistant sealing power of adhesive tape to create an extraordinarily adaptable solution. Foil tape is so versatile that it is been utilised in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing and construction. It has a wide range of uses due to its moisture and chemical resistance, thermal conductivity, flame resistance, heat and light reflectance, and weather ability.

Why Foil Tape?

Aluminium foil was first introduced in 1888, and commercial production began in the United States in 1913. Because of its protective properties and appealing appearance in containers and packaging, it was widely used to protect packages, electrical capacitors, and van insulation during World War II.

Foil tapes have a metal-foil backing that contributes to the tape’s malleability, conductive properties, and ruggedness. Aluminium, aluminium with glass, lead, copper, copper with tin plating, and steel are all foil tape carriers.

Aluminium foil tape is the most extensively used foil tape in the building and construction industry. Overall, we designed our foil tapes at Kool Wrap to have all of the benefits of aluminium with the bonus of an aggressive and long-lasting adhesive.

What Makes Kool Wrap Aluminum Foil Tape So Special?

Our foil tape can be applied at temperatures ranging from 14°F to 104°F and works in temperatures ranging from 248°F to -22°F. In chilly temperatures, most cassettes do not operate properly. Cold hardens the adhesive and reduces the tape’s sticking ability. Excessive heat may melt the adhesive on some tapes, rendering them useless. Our aluminium foil tape products aren’t as dirty as mastic, and they require less equipment.

At Kool Wrap, we have a wide variety of specialty tapes that can be used in various situations, including the aluminium foil tape solutions mentioned above. Refer to our Technical Guide to Adhesive Tape for further information about the adhesive tape. Alternatively, send your tape request to the team for assistance in determining which product is appropriate for your project.

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