A Guide to Heat Resistant Tape

Industrial heat resistant adhesive tape, or heat shield adhesive tape is deployed for the purpose of providing protection from excessive heat absorption by different components in industrial, automotive or other domestic settings.  The heat source could be a nearby exhaust pipe or flue, or a pipe carrying other hot gases. Heat resistant adhesive tapes are a great option to reflect the radiant heat and provide protection to nearby components. If we take automobiles, for instance, multiple components in the vehicle need thermal protection and these can include electrical cables and components, hydraulic lines, brake lines and fuel or coolant hoses. Engine intake ducting can also suffer from excess heat causing an unwanted over heating of the intake air flow. This causes a reduced oxygen density and eventually hurts engine performance etc. 

The efficiency of the heat shield products will be influenced by the following physical properties:-

  • Conductivity
  • Reflectivity
  • Emissivity

Radiant type thermal/heat shield barrier reflects thermal energy from the surface that is temperature-sensitive. Conductivity and emissivity determine the amount of heat transferred through air gaps between the heat shield and the source of the heat and a further air gap between the protected component and the heat shield. Sometimes, it becomes essential to custom design the heat shield to factor in space and weight limitations in a wide range of applications. 

Heat resistant tapes are widely used in the aviation and automobile industries. These tapes perform a wide range of duties like controlling the emission of pollutants from vehicles running with an internal combustion engine, the optimised lifespan for batteries and enhancing the range of electric/hybrid vehicles apart from protecting the well being and health of passengers.

Heat resistant tapes improve mileage in automobiles

Heat resistant tapes employed in automobiles help in minimising the heat in the transmission tunnels as well as the allied components bringing down the internal temperature. In turn, this helps the passengers inside the vehicle to stay cool.  Another advantage of heat resistant tape is that it can be used to reflect radiant heat away from the engines air intake system. The resulting lower air intake temperatures provide a denser air flow and more oxygen molecules which when mixed with the cars fuel via fuel injection, will result in a more efficient and more powerful combustion process. This can lead to improved fuel economy and potential cash savings over a period of time. Similarly, all critical wiring in the engine can be protected with the help of heat resistant tapes; Other potential uses include preventing vapour lock in fuel lines by applying the reflective heat resistant tapes over fuel lines and preventing the fuel from heating up and vaporising. 

Extended life

Excess engine bay heat can shorten the life span of rubber and plastic hoses, pipes, and other plastic parts commonly found under the hood of late model cars. When you control engine bay heat with the help of heat resistant tapes, there is every chance that the engine components will last longer and not need early replacement. You will also have fewer visits to your garage since multiple components in the vehicle stay healthy for a longer time. Heat resistant tapes, heat protection sleeves, exhaust insulation products are designed to assist in performance of your vehicle and its maintain its life cycle. However, it is also important that you source the heat resistant tapes and other heat shield products from a reputed and reliable supplier/manufacturer who has significant expertise and experience with these products. You should also know that using inferior products can cause significant damages to various components in your vehicle apart from adding to the risk of accidents. 

Heat resistant products for industries

Heat resistant products are important for a wide array of industries. Here are some examples of popular applications:

Exhaust insulation

Power plants, gaskets and ovens, generator sets etc. generate a significant level of radiant heat and industries using these have the ability to contain heat to a large extent when they use appropriate heat resistant tapes and other products. When the heat is contained at different stages of a process it helps in minimising fatigue for the workforce while also reducing consumption of energy at the same time. 

Heat resistant barrier curtains

Heat resistant barrier curtains are particularly helpful in processes that need protection for a wide range of electronic components and the people working with such processes. Industries like oil refineries, fertiliser manufacturing, petrochemicals, drugs etc are 24×7 processes. These industries have large instrumentation control rooms to keep track of the working of the entire industry.  Heat resistant barrier curtains are employed at vantage points across the industry so that minimal heat percolates to other areas. Custom-designed heat resistant barrier curtains are employed in refineries, power generation, ovens etc to ward off heat and save thermal energy that may be lost in the manufacturing process. Containing heat will also help in saving energy costs for these industries. 

Industrial Sleeves 

Certain types of heat resistant tapes are also created for deployment in heavy industries like breweries, refineries, petrochemicals, fertilisers etc. Unlike the standard offerings, these products are generally tailor-made with a focus on preventing catastrophic accidents that can impact the entire operation in the industry. Industrial grade heat resistant tapes can keep fluids hot or cold and are therefore ideal for processes that are required to keep the temperature of gases and fluids under stable temperature. Appropriate heat resistant tapes and similar products help in saving energy while protecting critical components/equipment and the associated personnel from radiant heat. 

Wide range of heat resistant tapes are offered for varying applications in home workshops, industrial settings etc and are very helpful in protecting pipes, hoses, wiring and similar fixtures from energy loss/radiant heat. 


Choosing the most appropriate product is the key to get the desired results from heat resistant tapes and other heat shield products. Focus on manufacturers with significant experience and expertise in the field. Most manufacturers are always happy to work with you answering questions and helping you determine the right product to suit your individual circumstances. Finally, you should also ensure that everyone handling the heat resistant tapes or heat shield products have appropriate training and can comprehend the guidance offered by the manufacturer. Understanding the warranties/guarantees and the fine print are also areas you should focus on.

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