5 Key Advantages of Exhaust Wrap Installation


Exhaust wrap installation provides several benefits, be it a race car or the regular ones. You can steer away from potential problems if you can control or reduce the radiated heat from your exhaust system.

It is important to address the myths of using an exhaust wrap before elaborating further on its benefits. Exhaust wrap does not destroy exhaust pipes and headers. Its function is to maintain the heat in the said parts. Hence, the benefits listed below.

1. Improved Work Environment Safety

This is beneficial especially for the racers. Rounds at the pitstop don’t provide the liberty to cool everything off first. Servicing and refueling must be done in a short amount of time. Applying exhaust heat wrap reduces the risk of getting accidental burns on a hot pipe while doing repairs.

2. Enhanced Durability

Heat exposure is considered a big factor in a vehicle’s wear and tear. Fluids, rubber and plastic materials are on the receiving end of its negative effects. Installing an exhaust wrap significantly reduces the amount of heat from the exhaust system – avoiding nearby parts from being saturated.

Constant heat exposure will lead to brittle plastic wiring plugs and fittings. It will also be good for brake and fluid lines to be exposed to less heat as it lessens the heat transferred to the liquid through its metal parts. Rubber hoses and lines will be more reliable too.

3. Pleasant Aesthetics

The exhaust headers’ finish can become visually unpleasant due to so much heat exposure. It doesn’t suit well in a clean engine compartment. Using an insulation wrap on pipes gives it a more pleasing look – especially for aged parts or manifolds.

4. Better Interior Temperatures

The radiated heat from the exhaust can also affect the vehicle’s floorboards and firewall. It is conducted through the panels and straight into the interior. All vehicles may have some heat insulation capabilities but its effectiveness may vary.

Race cars don’t have any insulation to prevent the heat from getting inside. Installing exhaust wraps on headers and pipes will reduce the amount of radiated heat from the system. Firewall and floors remain cooler as the heat cannot transit through to the interior.

5. Greater Performance

The heat insulation benefits of using exhaust wraps increases the exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs) inside the headers and pipes. More EGTs result in an increase in exhaust gas velocities – improving the amount of exhaust gasses being spent from its combustion chambers. The said EGTs also reduce spool time and turbo lag for that faster maximum boost of turbocharged cars.

Lower underhood temperature is also one key benefit. Exhaust wraps help to reduce the air temperature intake as well as the cooler air infiltrating the engine. The effect is outstanding, more so for engines with open-element air cleaner systems.

Why Do You Need Exhaust Wrap?

An engine is specifically designed to work at an ideal temperature. It will perform on its peak power with cooler intake temperatures. There are instances that the car’s cooling system is not enough to maintain the required optimum temperature. This will result in a drastic reduction in power and efficiency due to the engine’s continuous heat exposure.

Too much heat will also strain engine components that are not designed to work on extreme temperatures. Applying an exhaust wrap protects these parts by keeping in most of the heat and not letting it through the engine bay.

Minor Concerns

It is also vital to be aware of a few drawbacks of using exhaust wrap after discussing its benefits. The biggest concern would be in winter time as the engine may take longer to warm up.

It can also trap moisture as water also has its share of negative impact on metals. It can be negated by using quality aluminum or stainless steel but exhausts from such materials can be pricey.

It can also be a hassle in wrapping your headers and pipes with an exhaust wrap. You can consider it as your DIY project but it’s best to be handled by professionals. This job fully requires attention to details. The tape should be wrapped tightly and the surface to be wrapped should be clean – no rust, dirt or oil.

Get Quality Exhaust Wraps at Kool Wrap

It is not just about awesome-looking headers. Applying quality exhaust wrap will provide you more horsepower for your car due to the reduction in temperatures. It will keep the heat in the headers and not disperse it to the other parts of the engine.

Kool Wrap offers the best range of heat protection products. Our excellent exhaust wrap products can guarantee the containment of heat within the exhaust system. It is the reason why we are the most trusted brand by most car enthusiasts in Australia.

Our staff are all car aficionados knowledgeable to discuss your requirements.

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