Kool Wrap Aluma Shield II Insulation, Aluminium and Fibreglass with adhesive backing 60cm x 50cm x 5mm- H/D


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Kool Wrap Aluma Shield II Adhesive Heat Shield
Heavy Duty Version- Features a 0.25mm Aluminium Reflecting Top layer-
60cm x 50cm x 5mm
Kool Wrap Aluma Shield II Adhesive Heat Shield is the highest quality insulating heat shield material currently available on the market. Constructed from a needle punched fibreglass with a polyester core, it comes complete with a super tough heat reflecting aluminium face and an adhesive backing. This product will not separate or pull apart like other products on the market. The product is so good that leading automotive manufactures use it on production vehicles.
  • Reflects 95% of radiant heat
  • Premium adhesive provides a long term and permanent mounting to any dry object
  • 5mm high tech polyester and fibreglass insulation blocks heat transfer
  • Easy to cut to size with heavy duty scissors
  • Can be molded to shape
  • Lightweight heat protection
  • Also available in a light duty aluminium face (0.05mm) if more flexibility is required
The aluminium facing reflects 95% of radiant heat, and the insulation backing blocks any heat transfer from the silver foil facing back to your wall, floor, firewall or whatever else you wish to protect.
Suits any applications where a stiffer more heavy duty heat reflecting foil surface is preferred.
Where a more flexible adhesive heat shield is required, look for our light duty version with a foil thickness of 0.05mm- also listed in our webstore. As the top aluminium lay is thinner, this product suits applications where greater versatility is required such as on uneven or irregular surfaces such as under bonnet, motorcycle fairings, inner guards, air boxes, batteries and anything that requires greater form-ability.
The light duty Aluma Shield II suits applications with an irregular surface such as the underside of a car floor and comes in sizes  of 60cm x 50cm or 106cm x 60cm and 121cm x 106cm.
Kool Wrap Aluma Shield II  has been oven test for 30 hours with no failure at 475ºF (246ºC)

Our Kool Wrap Aluma Shield II  Heat Shield has a unique pressure sensitive adhesive making it easy and versatile to install, particularly in tight spaces. It is widely used as a thermal and acoustical barrier in many industries and works effectively to block heat around fuel tanks/systems, tunnel shields, floor pans, exhaust systems, body shields, transmissions, fluid lines and to protect non ferrous materials.

Other sizes for the heavy duty Aluma Shield II adhesive heat shield include:

106cm x 60cm


  • Light Weight
  • Easily formed into place
  • Very effective in limited space
  • Approved at several major OEM’s
  • Acoustical sound deadening benefits without the squeak or rattle issues of stampings
  • Interior or exterior applications
  • Easy installation – just peel off the release liner and adhere to surface.


  • Fuel tank/system
  • Tunnel shields
  • Floor pans
  • Exhaust systems
  • Body shields
  • Transmissions
  • Steering components
  • Fluid lines
  • Rubber mounts
  • Axle bushings

Additional information

Weight .907 kg
Dimensions 64 × 16 × 15 cm

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