Kool Wrap Black Silicone Coated Truck Turbo Blanket, Scania P410


Cummins Holset HX55i Kool Wrap Turbo Blanket or Beanie Black Silicone Coated

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This Turbo Blanket suits a Scania P410 with a built in wastegate.

Our Silicone coated Kool Wrap Turbo Blankets are ideally suited to tough environments such as Earthmoving, Industrial Generators, Trucks and Marine engines. The silicone or teflon outer skin is waterproof and resists oil, fuel and water spills and can easily be pressure washed.

This Kool Wrap Turbo Blanket will provide heat and fire protection for many large size turbocharged diesel engines. These engines include Caterpillar, Cummins, Iveco etc. fitted with Borg Warner, Holset, Detroit Diesel, Garrett etc. turbo chargers. The engines are usually up to 9 litres in capacity.

The Kool Wrap Black Silicone Turbo Heat Shield Blankets are specifically designed to reduce the radiant heat coming from turbochargers. This has two important benefits. Heat comes from the energy released in the combustion chamber and this rapidly expanding exhaust gas not only pushes the piston down the cylinder making power, but it also spins the exhaust wheel in the turbocharger as it exits the exhaust manifold. The hotter the exhaust gas, the faster the exhaust gas spins the turbocharger and the higher the boost level.

In other words, keeping the heat inside the turbocharger exhaust housing can increase horsepower.

– More Power
– Cooler Engine Bay
– Looks great
– Mounting Springs supplied
– 12 Months Warranty
– The only supplier with full colour 2 page Turbo Blanket fitting instructions.

The outer layer of our Black Turbo Blanket is a silicone coated fibreglass. This withstands the super high temperatures of a turbo exhaust housing and looks great. The inner liner of our blankets features ultra high temperature resistant silica insulation held in place with a stainless steel mesh. The Kool Wrap Blanket is then sewn together with Kevlar stitching. This enables us to give our Turbo Blanket a full 12 months warranty.

Our Kool Wrap Turbo Blankets are made from various forms of Glass Fibres. These fibres come from melting down different types of rock and extruding the molten material into fibres. Our Turbo Blankets and these fibres are 100% non-flammable, however, care should be taken to avoid contact with flammable liquids such as oil or fuels as these may be absorbed by our glass fibre fabrics and allow a flame to be produced. Kool Wrap and its resellers are not responsible for any fire related damage caused by flammable liquid contamination.

You may notice some smoke coming from either our exhaust wraps or Turbo Blankets when first put through a heat cycle. This is perfectly normal. A liquid is added to the glass fibre production process to help the fibres form a woven fabric. This liquid evaporates during the first heat cycle causing smoke to be emitted.

Please also note that glass fibre based fabrics can take very high temperatures but they will lose their flexibility and can become brittle after a number of heat cycles. This is perfectly normal. Once your Blanket has been through these heat cycles, it is not designed to be removed and replaced as damage to the blanket may occur.

Kool Wrap is a manufacturer of professional heat protection products including Header Wrap, Heat Sleeves, Spark Plug Boost Shields and Turbo Blankets.

Our staff have 20+ years experience in the industry and have supplied heat protection components to leading V8 Supercar teams and to General Motors Holden.

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Dimensions 22 × 22 × 10 cm

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