Exhaust Manifold Insulation Kit

Custom made exhuast manifold heat shields

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Industrial machines, trucks and earthmoving equipment often work in dangerous environments including mines and tunnels. The risk of fire is a very real danger in these environments and new regulations require potential fire risk areas of these engines to be covered or protected.
Kool Wrap manufactures custom made heat shield exhaust manifold covers for all types vehicles as well as Turbocharger covers, Exhaust Pipe covers and Muffler covers.

  • Made in Australia
  • Made from 100% non-flamable glass fibre insulation and teflon coated outer material
  • Resists oil leaks
  • Acid resistant
  • Easy to fit
  • Please allow 7-10 days for custom manfacture
  • Price on application

These workplace  fires can be caused by a build up of flamable dust or material on your engine hot spots or result from oil leaks such as hydraulic hoses, oil lines, fuel lines or power steering lines.
The super hot exhaust manifolds and turbocharger exhaust housings can also be dangerous to anyone working on these engines.
Our Kool Wrap Mnaifold covers dramatically reduce the risk of fire and help protect workers and maintenance crews.
The Exhaust Manifold Covers are made from inner layers of non-flamable silica and fibreglass insulation wrapped in an outer cover of teflon coated fibreglass fabric. This outer cover provides a fluid resistant and long lasting outer

Price on application- Please forward engine details, photographs and dimensions for quotation

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