What is the difference in the Kool Wrap sleeves? You have seamless, stitched, adhesive and hook and loop style sleeves.

Our genuine Kool Wrap heat sleeves are perfect for protecting fuel lines, hoses, cables, brake lines, power steer lines and air conditioning pipes.

If you are protecting a simple hose or throttle cable, it is relatively easy to push the hose or cable down through the centre of either our seamless sleeve or our Kevlar stitches sleeve.

If, on the other hand, you want to protect wiring or an air conditioning pipe, then it is far easier to use one of our sleeves with an open seam. The adhesive sleeves have a peel off backing to reveal an adhesive seem. You simply wrap the sleeve around the wiring or pipe without removing them.

You can use our Hook & Loop seem sleeve if you may want to open the sleeve at a later time to check wiring etc.

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